Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bates fan file 734

Only two new episodes of Bringing Up Bates to go before season seven comes to a close. How sad is that? Below is my Bates fan file segment for Thursday's episode.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. It has been a very long season! I love bringing up bates!

  2. I am wondering if the bates will be affected by hurricane florence... it looks like it will be hitting the north east end of Tennessee

    1. We're from New Bern. Worst hurricane we've ever been in. Water everywhere, just like awful flooding. Have family in Western NC and they are being affected right now. So Im sure the Bates are at least getting rain and wind.

  3. Are Papa Bill and Mama Jane impacted by the hurricane?

  4. Hi Ellie, Did you and your Mr. Handsome move to a new place,looks like a new back ground??? Jane


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