Thursday, July 12, 2018

'Lions, and Tigers, and Bates, Oh My!' Recap

Bringing Up Bates  “Lions, and Tigers, and Bates, Oh My!”

  • “One of the most exciting places to visit is Michael and Brandon’s house,” says Nathan during an interview. Ellie, Addee, and Callie arrive in Chicago for a vacation with the Keilens. Their first activity is the Brookfield Zoo.
  • “I absolutely love the zoo,” says Michael, who has a membership.
  • Through the Animal Ambassador program at the zoo, the Keilens and the three girls are able to see a porcupine, a medium-sized African wildcat, a sloth, and an anteater up close.
  • Being near the wildcat has them feeling a bit nervous, but they enjoy feeding the sloth and anteater.
  • On another day, Michael teaches the girls to sew. An avid seamstress, Michael learned when she was around their age. “Michael is naturally wonderful with children,” says Zach during an interview.
  • The other Bates say they are thrilled for their sister to impart her sewing wisdom on the younger girls. “We’ll have stacks of clothing that need repairs or alterations that get put on hold until Michael arrives,” says Nathan.
  • Michael helps the girls make a baby blanket for Zoey.
  • Michael and Brandon also take Ellie, Addee, and Callie to Ceramic Art Café in La Grange, Illinois, to paint pottery. The last time Michael and Brandon were at the shop, they were courting and about to be engaged.
  • Ellie chooses a horse figurine, Addee paints a jewelry box with unicorns, and Callie selects a coffee cup for Alyssa. “It was just cute watching Callie,” laughs Brandon. “She was very intent...”
  • “Every chance I have to spend time with siblings is just so refreshing,” says Michael, sad to see her siblings return home.
  • Back in Tennessee, Bobby and Tori arrive at the Bates’ church before sunrise on a Sunday morning to do a thorough clean ahead of service. In May, the Smiths will move to Hendersonville (near Nashville) so Bobby can begin a youth pastor position at a local church.
  • Later, while much of the rest of the family is out of the house, Gil, Judson, and Jeb set out to build a seesaw. Although the boys nearly lose interest, Gil is able to keep them on track, and they are thrilled with the outcome.
  • “I’d rather buy them tools and things they can do than just toys they just play with,” says Gil.
  • Kelly is proud of their handiwork, but when Jeb nearly flies off, she says she is going to print a list of seesaw rules.
  • “Anything you buy at the store, you’ll find a little unintended use disclaimer,” says Zach. “We’re the reason for that.”


  1. Sweet episode, but those 30 minutes go by so fast! I am totally spoiled by the hour long shows. Wish they could all be an hour long.

  2. Those little girls are so lucky to have an older sibling like that. Michael, you are amazing and a joy to watch!

  3. Nathan is so rude to his sisters. First he told Michael she looked like a grandma when she was wedding dress shopping, then he told Tori she shouldn’t wear her hair up on her wedding day because it looked terrible, and then in this episode he said he couldn’t wait until his little sisters learnt how to saw so they could fix his clothes.
    He definitely sees women as “less than”. No wonder he isn’t married yet.

    1. 12:16. It’s “learned”. “Learnt” is not even a word.

    2. I agree, anytime Nathan is on screen I find myself rolling my eyes

    3. Maybe he's just honest and doesn't see the point in lying. He sounds like a wise man to me! Why tell a woman she looks stunning when your thinking nah she looks better another way! They probably value his honest yet loving opinion, he doesn't say it out of spite! Every man on the planet wants a woman who is a woman. I'm sure I'd love any of my kids to learn to see it would save me so much work! Maybe he is excited for his sisters and values this skill that he admits he can't do!

    4. Hi Anon 12:23. “Learnt” is an English word, it is the past participle of “Learn.” And it is most often used in British English.

    5. 11:43 There is difference between being honest and being plain rude. Words have a lot of power.
      There is also a difference in being asked for your opinion or just pushing it on people.
      Interesting that you seem to know every man on this planet, I would have put my money on it that there are enough men who don't care if a woman can sew or not. And if a grown man has to depend on his little sisters he might take the time to learn how to fix a small seam himself. I defenitely don't care for a man who cannot care for himself (doesn't mean I wouldn't happily do it but I am no fan of helpless mama boys who act as if they are a gift to womanhood).

    6. Learnt is the British English past participle of "to learn". Definitely a word.

    7. Anonymous 12.23pm - I learn, I learnt; another example is I burn, I burnt.
      Original post was definitely correct using learnt.

  4. Run the risk of all flashbacks such as TLC continues to produce. Best to want more than to lose viewers. Ratings to matter, TV is a business.

    BuB is perfect as is!

  5. Ellie please tell me why my tv guide says that the show is an hour long & only 1/2 hour. This has been going on for some time, thought I was losing it. Also how much longer will the show be on this season ? If you can answer. Thank you !!

    1. Hi there,

      TV guides don't always display correct information. You can always check my Showtimes page for all the latest listings.

      This season will be the longest to date, so there are still more new episodes on the way. :)

      I am blessed to have you as a reader. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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