Thursday, July 19, 2018

'Just a Little Off the Top...Please' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Just a Little Off the Top...Please"

  • Josie loves her new job at Ross the Boss and Co. salon. “A lot of my family actually ended up helping me, which was amazing,” explains Josie, who has recently finished all the models that the salon requires for newbies. “Trace over here, he was like, ‘You ain’t touching my hair.’”
  • Trace finally comes in for a haircut, and although he has a lot of opinions to share, he ends up loving the outcome. He also shares an exciting announcement: He has been invited to participate in a weekend rodeo! More on that later. We posted photos back in April if you recall.
  • Tori and Bobby meet Gil and Kelly at a restaurant to discuss their plans to move to Nashville. Tori admits that she hates moving.
  • As you probably guessed, Gil and Kelly will be sad to see their daughter leave the area. “My dad is very opposed to any of his kids moving away from Knoxville, especially if it’s a girl,” says Tori. But despite the tears that will surely be shed, Gil is thrilled that Tori and Bobby are following God’s call on their lives.
  • Bobby has accepted a youth pastor position in Hendersonville, and he will also be chaplain over a Christian school. Tori is about to graduate with her teaching degree and plans to be involved in the school, as well.
  • During dinner, the Smiths also have a big announcement to share with Gil and Kelly, and they do it in the most nonchalant way possible. Tori mentions that they will have to find a babysitter when they move to Hendersonville, and Kelly is confused: “Why are we talking about babysitters? For you? Did I miss the announcement?” Tune in next week to see Tori and Bobby reveal their news to the rest of the family.
  • At the Paines’ house, Chad comes home early and reads a Bible story to the kids. “Little children are like a big sponge,” explains Gil. “Whatever you teach them, they’re just ready to soak it in.” The four of them pray for Erin’s upcoming delivery and for baby Everly.
  • Later, Gil and Kelly and the kids attempt to make their own shuffleboard game on their concrete basketball court. The little ones lose interest, so Trace kicks off a family game of wiffle ball while Gil and Zach finish the project.
  • But what about the discs and sticks? Gil grabs push brooms and cuts pieces of tree trunks. “When you don’t have what you need for a game, Dad has always taught us, just improvise,” says Carlin. The redneck shuffleboard works out pretty well. Zach and Trace beat Gil and Warden by a few points.


  1. trace was so funny when he went into the salon. he said "i think i'm here to see my sister", lol, i guess he was pretty nervous!

  2. I love how they interact as a family. They do activities and have fun TOGETHER instead of like most parents and kids, who are glued to phones and video games. They are truly a family. I just wish I could have grown up in that environment.

  3. The Bates family are such a great blessing. Would love to a Bates for a year


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