Friday, July 20, 2018

Checking Josie's Work

Josie Bates hairdresser

"I've gotta admit it, I was a little nervous when I went to Josie for my first trim."
-Lawson Bates

This extended scene from yesterday's episode shows a little more footage from Trace's haircut with Josie. After Josie is finished, she calls a veteran hairdresser over to check her work. Will Trace's new look be given the green light?

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Awe i like how the siblings ask about each other.

  2. I would be very nervous having somebody check my work but it looks like Josie is pretty confident in her skills-- which she should be because she did a great job!

    1. This is pretty standard practice for new stylists. Kind of like a probationary period. It gives the people in charge a chance to make sure she didn't miss any steeps before the client walks out the door.

  3. Josie,Everyone starting a new job is on a learning curve. We make mistakes, the important part is to learn from them and move forward. This is from a sales coach with 20 plus years of teaching.

    You did a good job! No matter what challenges life presents, learn from it and always always move forward.

    Cheers little one


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