Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The 'Do-Gooder' Bates

Lawson Bates Puerto Rico

"Our goal is, when there is an opportunity that arises, do whatever we can to make a difference. Of course we can't do that all the time...but whenever we can, we do our best to."
-Lawson Bates

On tomorrow's new episode of Bringing Up Bates in addition to wedding planning and Isaiah's 13th birthday celebration, Lawson Bates and Nathan Bates share the details of their disaster relief trip to Puerto Rico (video below). Visit our post from October to see photos from their journey.

And during a brothers outing at the Bates' ranch, Trace Bates shares the results of his college basketball tryouts.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. What tremendous young men these are. Gill and Kelly Jo must be very proud. God bless them

  2. Way to go Lawson and Nathan!!!

  3. Here lately I haven’t been able to view the UPTV videos that are posted. Do they upload these to YouTube too or is that the only way to view it? I can hear the clip but the picture is black.

  4. Sounds like good stuff

  5. They are great, in fact they do what they are saying (help and serve). Gil and Kelly Jo must be really proud of them.

  6. I am proud of them too but I have to say it is nice they have the time and money to do this. I wish I did.


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