Thursday, March 1, 2018

'Save the Date and Decisions to Make' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Save the Date and Decisions to Make"
  • Tori and Bobby ask Gil and Kelly on a double date to discuss wedding dates. “As we were kind of talking through things, we realized, graduation might be a long time to wait,” says Bobby.
  • The newly engaged couple nervously tells Tori’s parents that they are hoping to tie the knot in December.
  • “I would normally say, ‘No, that’s probably not the best idea,’ but that’s kind of what happened to and my wife,” says Gil. “Once you know this is the person God wants you to marry, I don’t think there’s a reason to torment yourself for another year or six months if you have the ability, the means to go ahead and get married.”
  • Back at home, Kelly, Tori, Bobby, and Erin sit down to start planning for the big day. “When [Kelly] finished making that list, I think they was ready to elope!” says Gil. The Bates are very familiar with all the work that goes into a wedding.
  • “I already got my colors--my favorite two colors--gray and blue,” says Callie, proudly. “Callie, you’re only eight,” responds Addallee. “I know, but I already picked my wedding colors,” says Callie.
  • Kelly suggests going with a wedding dress designer in Kentucky who was recommended by the Bates' friends (ie the Duggars), and Tori agrees. Kelly and Tori head to Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, for a consultation with Renee Miller.
  • Tori isn’t quite sure what she wants, so Renee shows her several different styles. She ends up really liking a lacy dress with champagne satin underneath. Tori admits she is indecisive, so she plans to come back with her sisters to try dresses on, hoping they can give her some advice.
  • Nathan is hosting his annual lake party, which started off several years ago with family but has turned into a guys only event. “Girls are not invited to Nathan’s lake party,” says Callie. “I think it is not fair that we don’t get to go.”
  • Nathan, Gil, and a handful of other guys head to a rental house for a mini retreat, filled with water activities and Bible study.


  1. how cute that gray is one of callie's favorite colors too! people think i'm nuts when i say gray is my favorite color (is really so versatile)

    and what a mature, well thought out explanation for wanting to move up the wedding. these 'kids' have really done well for themselves with their spouses/significant others.

  2. Blue and gray are excellent wedding colors in my opinion. My wedding colors were charcoal grey, lavender, and black. I knew feom the time I was 4 that lavender would be one of my weddinf colors. Lol never too young to know what you want...

    1. that combination sounds gorgeous together!

    2. Planning your wedding at the age of 4? Really?

  3. I was surprised that Tori had no clue what kind of wedding dress she wanted, especially when she was so obsessed with getting the ring? Don't most girls look through a magazine, or go searching online to find something they like? At least she did know she didn't want a big poofy dress. What she chose was lovely and unexpected.

    1. i honestly had no idea what kind of dress i wanted either. my dad actually picked it out. he & mom were out & saw a dress that dad thought i'd look nice in, mom took me to see it, and i bought it. just like that. no magazines or anything. lol, i guess it wasnt that important to me cuz i never did those things either.
      she did look lovely though didnt she? renee seems to have nailed down each bride perfectly

  4. Time 2:55PM Fri 3/2/18.
    Very nice recap.

  5. I always enjoy your recaps! The Bates are such a loving, warm family... you feel their love for one another! Looking forward now to seeing Tori and Bobby's wedding. I'm sure it will be even more beautiful than the pictures I've seen!

    God's Blessings! Net

  6. I agree that it's so very strange of her to be completely obsessed with getting a ring; yet being clueless as to what type of wedding gown she wanted. Makes me think she didn't think beyond the 'proposal'. Not good to not think ahead when getting married.


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