Sunday, March 4, 2018

Gil the Water Skiing Boss

Gil Bates water skiing

"My dad loves water sports, so every year, we're always looking forward to the time my dad straps on some skis and shows us how it's done."
-Nathan Bates

Gil Bates, age 53, enjoys staying active, especially if the activity is water skiing. He's still got game, and his boys know it and are proud of him. In this web exclusive from Thursday's episode, the father of 19 shows off his skills at Nathan's lake party.

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Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. thought the bates do not wear shorts? duggars used to not wear shorts either I guess they keep changing their stories? or is it ok for the man to d what ever he wants and the ladies cannot do it?

  2. Gil is awesome on the slalom ski!

  3. Gil, you're the man!!!!

  4. A great thing for the boys to do. the girls should have something too.

    1. my family the girls are just as good at water skiing as the guys. The girls should be allowed to ski too.

    2. I would hope they can go water-skiing if they want to.

    3. I haven't watched the video - did they say their girls are not allowed to water ski? The blog post states that this clip was from their guys' lake party (so . . . no ladies were there).

    4. Actually, I have seen clips of some of the girls water skiing as well (with skirts on). So it's not that they're not allowed to do so.

      But this particular outing arranged by Nathan, was meant to be a father-son only thing. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, especially in such a large family, to have some activities that don't involve 19 people at once.

      And I'm sure the Bates have had mother and daughter excursions that the boys aren't invited to, as well.

  5. Seeing Gil skiing looked like so much fun. It brought back childhood memories of terrific times at my family's cabin on
    Lake Sinclair. I loved every moment in and around the water. But, I never achieved success with water skiing. I couldn't seem to keep standing. So, therefore I spent most of the time in the water with the rope in hand and skiis in the air or I'd be enviously watching my sister zip around on a slolum ski and then she'd kick it off and ski barefoot.I always wanted to just stay up on two. Thanks for the wonderful memories.


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