Thursday, August 3, 2017

'Lawson and Sadie's Big Breakup' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Lawson and Sadie's Big Breakup"
  • Lawson shares his music video plans with Nathan. "...The next step, I think, as an artist is getting a single out there to radio," explains Lawson. "And I thought one thing that would really help that is shooting a really high quality music video that would help promote that new single." Lawson says he was looking for a girl to play the girlfriend, and a friend connected him with Sadie Robertson. 
  • The big day has arrived. Lawson, Nathan, and some of the other Bates travel to Manchester, Tennessee, to shoot the music video. Sadie Robertson arrives.
  • "The storyline of this video has me trying to act like a quarterback with a real high school football team, and I've never done that, so this should be interesting," admits Lawson. "I have a lot more respect for athletes. It's not as easy as you think."
  • When it comes time to film the front porch breakup scene, the skies open up, but the crew decides to press onward in the rain. 
  • "Sadie, you're amazing!" exclaims Kelly at the end of the scene. "You were so convincing. I'm like, 'Poor thing!'"
  • "They really made it look real," Kelly continues after the fact. "As a mom, I'm oozing with pride over here."
  • Later that evening, it's time to film the big football game in which Lawson sustains an injury. Lawson is ready to take the hit, but the director doesn't want to risk him actually getting hurt. A junior on the football team (nicknamed "Crazy Robert") volunteers to be Lawson's stunt double. They run the hit scene a few times, but the stunt double doesn't mind at all. In fact, he seems to enjoy it. Nathan jokes that getting a picture with Sadie Robertson softens the blow.
  • Back at home, Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah tell their mom that they would like to take her out to lunch for Mother's Day. Kelly graciously accepts, but she requests that the boys let her give them a manners refresher course beforehand. "I'm always looking for teachable moments when I'm with the kids," says the mom of 19.
  • "Refresher course nothing," comments Nathan. "Them guys need the whole class from start to finish."
  • "Good manners are standing up straight and eating your food," says Jeb. "Using your fork and knife instead of your hands," adds Judson.
  • After the course, the three middle boys dress up in their Sunday best and take Kelly out to eat at one of her favorite places, McCloud Mountain Restaurant.
  • The boys do very well. "Y'all keep that up, and you'll get a girl before Lawson and Nathan does...not that I want you to be looking," says Kelly.
Lawson's music video released today. Click here to watch. 

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  1. Am I the only one who can’t even see full episode So? The cable in Australia stopped showing and Amazon won’t let us pay to watch episodes, neither will iTunes. It’s as ridiculous as tlc..


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