Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bates Mom Shows Her Playful Side

"I was trying to teach the boys manners, but whenever you're with your kids, part of the goal is to have fun, too."
-Kelly Bates

Is Kelly Bates all work and no play? Watch this video, and you'll agree that she certainly is not. While practicing manners with Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah at the fancy McCloud Mountain Restaurant, the mom of 19 shows her sons something unexpected.

Have you ever seen someone do the trick that she demonstrates? If not, you're going to want to grab a straw and some water and try it for yourself.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. We had breakfast at Mc cloud mtn earlier this summer while on vacation in TN. We sat at the same table. The views are truly breathtaking.

  2. May we please have any kind of photo or word about the Keilen's and how they are doing? I miss them a lot and miss seeing pictures of them!

  3. Kelly is so funny! How sweet that she's making memories with her boys 💖

    Also, she's right, that restaurant has a gorgeous view!!

  4. Haha this video is great. Kelly seems like such a fun mom. And fun fact that she played the flute for a few years in school!

  5. Kelly is an awesome mom. I love her playful personality!

  6. i think warden learned well. did anyone else notice during the show that after they were seated at the table, kelly put her elbows on the table & warden discreetly motioned to her about it? it was done so sweetly & kelly commented to him about him being right. warden is maturing into such a nice gentleman! (and he has awesome taste in clothes! he & trace are so stylish!)

  7. I just love Kelly Jo! She's awesome!


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