Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Johnny the Dog

"You can hit a golf ball anywhere on this 25 acres, and he thinks it's fetch time."
-Lawson Bates

Who is Lawson talking about? Johnny, of course! Who is Johnny? He is the Bates' faithful, elderly dog that has been a member of the family for many years. Hear all about him in this Name That Bates video.

And if you want more of Johnny, check out this clip from two years ago.

Photo/videos courtesy of UP


  1. Ellie can you redo this blog banner like the Duggar one! I love the new Duggar banner!! It's perfect to have the couples in one picture and each of their children in separate pictures right after their parents how you did it,that is PERFECT because then as each child grows you wont have to post a whole new family pic,but instead just one new pic of that child!

  2. Aww, Johnny looks so happy in the video where he is getting his bath!

  3. I always feel sorry for Johnny. It seems like he's always ignored and isolated from the family. But he always has a wagging tail. Maybe it's because I'm from Michigan and we keep our dogs in the house. Seems like it's different in the south

    1. If a dog has a warm, dry place to sleep, plenty of healthy food, as well as love and attention, it can get along fine being outside. I live in a harsh northern climate, so our two dogs are in the house a great deal of the time. (Some breeds don't like being indoors because it can be too uncomfortably warm for them. ) Besides, the cameras aren't rolling 24/7 at the Bates house, so you can't know if he's in the house sometimes or not.

  4. Yes! PoorJohnny appears to be overlooked often. We keep ours inside too.

  5. I never realized they had a dog! You can tell Johnny loves those kids!

  6. I think it is hilarious that he rolled in the dirt after the bath. So typical. Our dog loves to visit our neighbor's cows. He comes home smelling like them too.


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