Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Driving the Bates

Kelly Bates: "Well I guess you can write yourself. Do you really think you're the best driver?"
Josie Bates: "Oh ya!"

The Bates can't quite come to a consensus on who the best driver in the family is (Kelly says there are no quality Bates drivers). But hey, at least they can almost agree on who takes the title as the worst driver...

Who are the worst/best drivers in your family?

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Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Nothing to brag about being a bad driver. Getting in a car accident can be deadly or crippling. Maybe they need to take heed and find a way to improve their driving skills.

    1. Oh for goodness sakes it is meant to be funny!!! 😁

  2. If according to Carlin in the clip above, Lawson only drives well when there is a girl he likes in the car, can you tell us who that girl is? Also any updates on Trace and Campbell Roberts? @Lily and Ellie


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