Friday, August 18, 2017

Bradley and Sissy

"I'm, when I have kids one day--a long time from now--probably going to have my kids take one-year-old photos, whenever I find out what they really are for."
-Jackson Bates

Jackson may not fully understand the value of baby pictures, but Kelly and the married Bates kids sure do. In this extended scene from last night's episode, Zach and Whitney Bates visit Taryn Yager to have one-year photos taken of Kaci Lynn Bates. Bradley Bates loves making his "sissy" smile during the shoot!

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Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. "You will never have enough pictures" is so true! We take so many more selfies and random pics with our phones now, it's nice that they realize the value "old school" Sears-type photos will have for their families in the future.

  2. I think people should definately still take pics on cameras not phones,and print them off and keep in an album! It will always be important and fun to flip through family pictures for generations to come!

  3. If I had the money they have, or the free perks of being a major promoter for this photographer who specializes in over-photoshopped blurriness, I'd get more professional photos of our family! We just dropped $500 on a professional shoot and we can't do that every year...not to mention multiple times a year! Wish we could...already regretting we can't, but we aren't a "reality family" we are a family that lives on one income reality.

    1. No need to be insulting or really even to compare your situation with others.


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