Thursday, March 16, 2017

When in Mayberry...

Bringing Up Bates "Bike Racks, Barbers & Big Duets!" (episode 11 of season five) premieres tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT and 10pm ET/9pm CT on UP. Tune in at 8pm ET and 8:30pm ET for reruns of "Fire Trucks and Diaper Dumps" and "Loads of Laundry and Lots of Lessons." See our Showtimes page for more details.

On this evening's show, Lawson Bates, accompanied by Nathan Bates, heads to Mount Airy, North Carolina, to prepare for a show at the historic Earle Theatre. He starts of with an on-air interview at a local radio station.

The Bates are huge fans of The Andy Griffith Show, so the guys spend the day visiting iconic Mayberry sites from the beloved TV series.

The rest of the Bates family arrives as Lawson and Nathan are wrapping up their squad car tour of the town.

Everyone helps Lawson pull together an incredible show, including duets with The Voice runner-up Emily Ann Roberts.

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. My apologies--I think it was Nathan in Otis's cell. I'm as old as Aunt Bee!!

  2. Lucky ducks! I love the Andy Griffith show. It's one of my all time favorites.

  3. When I was a kid, I used to watch Merv Griffin Show, they were reruns, and I used to love the way the Father/son relationship was!!! Ant Bee, was my favourite character, I loved the way, she was always there, for the guys whenever they needed her!!!!!!!!!

  4. I understand Lawson is pursuing a music career. His band has a drummer and a set of drums. I thought drums were not allowed in their belief system as they weren't godly originated in their opinion. What is their position on drums in music?

  5. I love the Bates family for their good example of integrity and their faith in the Lord "Jesus Christ". I love to see your show and the example of their modest clothes. all the girls wear skirts and boys look very respectfully which I think is important because God see inside and outside of us. we have to be different than the rest of people, we represent the lord in the world. Hope you continue dressing like that and never change. May God Bless you and continue spreading the gospel around the world.

  6. How adorable was Nathan and his "nice to meet you sir" at the radio station. Who thought of COLE MINERS DAUGHTER when they were playing Lawsons song. The whole family is I think lawson is the next country star no.but he probably needs voicelessons.I think he needs to get his voice stronger.blessings to him In his career.

  7. I agree with Mary (last post above mine)
    Lawson write "worthy" songs.
    He MUST take professional voice lessons to build his voice which at times goes weak.
    My son has been a vocal teacher for 30 years at a performing arts high school level. Lessons would help Lawson - who has a great personality & musical talent for sure.
    I wish him well & also wish Trace luck with his Dixie dream.

  8. Why can't we find Zach ,and Whitney's wedding or John and Alyssa's wedding on Amazon itunes or listed on the Bates page? I know the show was called united Bates of America, but there is no listing of the wedding's. Why?


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