Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tonight: Surgeries, Projects, and Family Dinner

It's Bates night! Tune in to UP for an all-new episode. Scroll down for show times, snapshots, and one last promo video from tonight's episode. T

Have you heard that the show is coming back for a sixth season in June, with a surprise wedding to air during the June 1st premiere? Click here to read the press release.

Thursday, March 30, 2017
8pm ET/7pm CT: Bike Racks, Barbers & Big Duets!
8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT: Mass-a-somethin'
9pm ET/8pm CT: Working Up An Appetite (NEW!)
It's another busy day at the Bates house! The family is in the home stretch when it comes to completing their Basketball court. It's finally time to install the goal, but will the boys be able to follow instructions properly, or will their hoop dreams be put on hold? Meanwhile, Carlin and Josie experience a pain-filled escapade when they get their wisdom teeth pulled out. Later, the family enjoys some comfort food and gives thanks for being back in their house since the fire, before they head out for church. 
10pm ET/9pm CT: Working Up An Appetite

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. Cracker Barrel! We went to CB for the first time with some new friends last week. Such a neathing restaurant and store.

    1. Sorry about that typo. It should have said neat restaurant. My Android keeps changing the words and I don't catch it in time.

  2. So glad Cracker Barrel is sponsoring you all. So much better than previous ones. We hope we can see you all some time soon!

  3. I have the same problems Kelly when I go to Cracker Barrel....Gotta shop :)

  4. Cracker Barrel is awesome! Love that place

  5. Love Cracker Barrel. Got some chicken salt and pepper shakers for only $1 a few days ago there


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