Monday, October 31, 2016

October Bates Snapshots

We have a few new Bates snapshots to share with you all on this beautiful Monday afternoon. Which is your favorite?

In case you missed last week's big announcements, here the are links to the corresponding posts:
Lawson's New Single/Upcoming Album
Erin's Lullaby CD

 Lawson Bates with sister Tori Bates and Tori's boyfriend (Bobby) 

Lawson Bates and niece Allie Jane Webster

Lawson Bates and Mama Kelly Bates 

Judson Bates

Lawson Bates and nephew Bradley Bates

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  1. Bobby and Tori are just SOOOOOOO cute together!!!!

  2. I like the one with Allie Jane. She looks so much like her mommy in that one. So cute.

  3. Lawson and mommy (kelly) my favorite!!

  4. Enjoyed the pictures.

  5. I like the Bobby, Tori, and Lawson one. They all sort of match in the picture. LOL
    Emma H.

  6. I love the one with Lawson and Allie she is such a sweet princess,her hair is always adorable, and the one with Lawson and cute little Bradley his little smile could light up a room for sure!

  7. Ohh! That's hard to choose a favorite! They're all cute!

  8. I love all the pictures they are cute

  9. Lily & Ellie please answer back!!!!! What do the kids think of their brothers & sisters getting a boy or girlfriend or getting married? My favorite is Lawson Bobby & Tori and Judson 😝 Judson made me laugh 😂

    1. Hi Miranda,

      The boyfriends and girlfriends/spouses that have come into the family so far are very loved by the kids, but of course they do miss their siblings when the get married and move out.

      Lily and Ellie

  10. Thanks lily & Ellie I wish I was one of the bates I want to marry warden when I get older. I am planning on moving to Tennessee


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