Monday, October 24, 2016

Watch 'Bringing Up Bates' Season 4 Free Online

For all of you Bates fans out there who are unable to watch Bringing Up Bates on UP, you'll be thrilled about this announcement. The network has uploaded the first three episodes from season four to its website (links below).

Bringing Up Bates Season 4
Episode 401: Big Family, Big Changes
Episode 402: Bates Boys Birthday Bash
Episode 403: A Lovely Day

The entire series is also available for purchase on iTunes. (Click here to view season 4 in HD and here to view it in SD.) The show is on Amazon as well, but the latest few episodes have not yet been added.

The first three episodes from season one, two, and three are also on the UP website: 

Bringing Up Bates Season 1
Episode 101: Meet the Bates
Episode 102: Courtship & Marriage
Episode 103: Bates Gone Wild

Bringing Up Bates Season 2
Episode 201: All Together Again
Episode 202: Future In-Laws?
Episode 203: High Risk, High Hopes

Bringing Up Bates Season 3
Episode 301: All Together Again
Episode 302: Sweet Tea & Sit Ups
Episode 303: 15 Kids and an Empty Nest

Photos courtesy of UP


  1. Thanks for the FYI!

  2. Thanks! Does anyone know where we can watch the other episodes in the UK and Ireland? Only the free UP ones work, the iTunes and Amazon ones are not available here.

  3. Can we have an update on Tori and Bobby? Are they still together?

  4. Sent email to amazon today and asked if they could upload the most recent episodes, they are missing the last 4. They responded that episodes missing are usually ones they do not have rights to yet. Would love it if UP could process this a little faster. I really enjoyed staying up to date on episodes.

  5. We have no access to the channel here, so it's great to receive some access to the series.

  6. Does anyone no where I can watch the other episodes in the UK? We cant get them on our iTunes or Amazon :-(

    1. I'm in the same boat, I cant get them on iTunes or amazon :( Wish I knew where to get them, there was a couple of websites but they only go up to season 3 and I cannot see the most recent 2 seasons

    2. Same here ive managed to watch up to Season 3 episode 14 but nothing after that :-(


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