Thursday, October 20, 2016

Recap: 'Nashville Nights and Country Campouts'

Bringing Up Bates "Nashville Nights and Country Campouts"
  • Lawson, who started a lawn mowing business at age 14, takes Tori and Carlin out to a job site to teach them how to operate the machinery. Lawson is hoping to hand his business over to his siblings so he can spend more time pursuing music.  
  • "Basically you realize that Mom and Dad ain't always going to be paying for everything and you've got to do something to have money and be able to do stuff yourself," says Tori. 
  • Teaching the girls how to use the weed eater and commercial lawnmower turns out to be a bit stressful, but they catch on rather quickly. "For this being the girls' first time, I think they did very well," says Lawson.
  • Back at the Bates house, Jackson, Warden, and Isaiah head up the hill to spend the night in their fort. Kelly provides the food, and Gil, Ellie, Callie, Judson, and Jeb join the boys to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. 
  • "As parents, we're over the camping days, but we do it for our kids," says Kelly. 
  • "To be up there on top of that hill with all the was like the perfect end to a great day," says Gil.
  • Lawson is invited to perform on one of the many stages at Nashville's CMA Fest, the biggest festival in country music. He has a blast, and the audience loves his music.
  • "After getting the gig in Nashville, Lawson was very excited, and he has been talking about doing a tour," says Zach. "I do think he had a little culture shock for a minute, but I think he's really pressing on with it."
  • Lawson says his goal in his music career is to speak encouragement into peoples' lives and to stay true to who he is. 


  1. May all these dear people stay true to Jesus!!

  2. This was such a great episode so funny when Lawson was teaching the girls to cut the grass really down to earth family never change


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