Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Family Board Games

If you follow the Bates, you know that Gil and Kelly and their 19 kids are always looking for ways to foster quality family time. While they love playing sports (football is a favorite for the guys), they also enjoy gathering indoors for board game competitions. Here are a few of their top picks:

BANG! (Ellie's favorite)
Boom Boom Balloon (Judson's favorite)
Ticket to Ride (Erin's favorite)

What are your favorite board games?

Click here to see how the Duggars' favorite board games compare to the Bates'.

Photo courtesy of UP


  1. Mine is monopoly and sorry what is addallee and Lawson's favorite?

  2. I love Monopoly!!

    Thank you so much for telling Erin that more readers want tutorials!! :D I totally understand that a mom of two young kids may not have a lot of freetime on her hands and when she does, she probably wants to spend it with her family. I was just curious if you told her :):):)
    I love reading your blogs!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Ellie!!!!

  3. I like sorry..yahtzee..life.

  4. I have six children well some of them are adults already but love to play games together our favorites are UNO and LOTER√ćA I am from Mexico and my grandmother will play with us LOTERIA and now I play with my children love it!

  5. Phase 10 is not technically a board game but I love the game. I noticed it's listed on the Duggar's list. It costs about 7 dollars at Walmart.

  6. Uno, phase 10, monopoly, life on the farm, spit it,etc...

  7. Monopoly,Scrabble,Life, Apples to Apples, Uno.

  8. Scrabble, Yahtzee, Sequence.

  9. Pictionary, just because it's not a typical boring board game.

  10. I have enjoyed many board games ,sorry monopoly, life, candy land, and clue are just a few!


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