Thursday, October 13, 2016

Recap: 'Muddy Buddies'

It's been one of those days... I (Ellie) had the recap all written and ready to post, only to find that a glitch had caused it to be deleted from the site. So I watched the show again and rewrote the recap. I'm grateful for technology, but I suppose we can't always rely on it. :)

Bringing Up Bates "Muddy Buddies"
  • The Bates join their friends at Ride Royal Blue ATV Park for a fun-filled day of mudding. Mudding is one of Jackson's top three favorite things about Tennessee (in addition to God and the University of Tennessee Volunteers). Kelly admits that she only recently learned what mudding is. 
  • The first part of the trail is gravel, but it quickly turns to mud.
  • "I think we made a mistake by putting all of the drama in one vehicle," says Lawson, referring to the four-seater RZR, which is where most of the screams come from. Tori is the driver, and Kelly and Jeb are her passengers.
  • Everyone agrees that Nathan is the family's biggest daredevil. He starts doing 360s but quickly runs into trouble, flipping the four-wheeler. Thankfully, he jumps off just in time. "What that tells me is he's experienced!" exclaims Kelly. "He's done it before!"
  • "He almost got himself killed," says Judson, matter-of-factly.
  • Gil gives Josie, who admits that she isn't the greatest driver, a driving lesson on the RZR. 
  • "A lot of country folk around us grow up learning to drive on tractors on the farm," says Zach. "Our kids grow up learning to drive on a 15-passenger van."
  • Tori gives Kelly a crazy ride on a four-wheeler. The mom of 19 enjoys herself, but after a few minutes, she says it's time to get off. 
  • Everyone has a blast, although they are covered in mud from head to toe by the end. "Our laundry room is scared for y'all to come home," says Kelly. 
  • "The best thing for us would be to come home and pressure wash the kids," adds Gil. 
  • Later, Michael and Brandon Keilen come for a short visit to meet Kaci Lynn Bates. "Since Michael was four or five years old, she's just been great with kids, and getting to show off Kaci was a special moment of daddy pride for me," says Zach.
  • "I think the biggest joy in parenting is sitting back and watching your children interact," says Kelly. "It's just one of those picture-perfect moments that you want to have in your scrapbook..."

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