Sunday, February 14, 2016

Story Behind Lawson's New Song

Happy Valentine's Day!

On February 4th, we announced the release of Lawson Bates' new single, "I Will Always," and viewers were treated to a live performance that evening during Michaela's wedding episode.

Lawson actually started writing "I Will Always" more than two years ago. After singing a rough draft of the song at Zach and Whitney's wedding in December 2013, he polished it up and presented the final version at Michaela and Brandon's wedding 20 months later.

Video courtesy of UP


  1. Has Lawson weight? He looks different.

  2. Today is my birthday!!

  3. Oh my word! I laughed to hard at the end of that video!! Lawson is a hoot! Thanks for sharing this.
    God Bless


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