Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recap: "Windy City Newlyweds"

Bringing Up Bates "Windy City Newlyweds"
  • Soon after Michaela and Brandon return from their honeymoon, Kelly, Carlin, Josie, Callie, Judson, and Jeb travel to Chicago for a visit.
  • “When I first got to Michael’s apartment, it was a perfect little place, but it’s really, really small, which is fine; we started out small,” says Kelly. “But it was very crowded. They have a lot more stuff than they have places to put it, and it was too cute of a place to be cluttered.”
  • The gals immediately start reorganizing the living room. 
  • “What have you been doing since I’ve been gone?” says Brandon when he returns from work.
  • “It took like an hour to decide if he liked it,” says Carlin.
  • The next day, Michaela and her mom and siblings take the iconic architectural boat tour through downtown Chicago.
  • “What a neat place to visit!” says Kelly. “Emphasis on Visit,” adds Gil, chuckling.
  • After the tour, it’s time for Kelly and the kids to head home. “It’s always hard to say goodbye to any of the children, no matter what their age is,” says Kelly.
  • Back in Tennessee, Erin and Chad discuss ideas for restoring an old hutch. Woodworking and restoring dilapidated furniture are currently just hobbies that Chad pursues in his free time, but he hopes to start a business in the future.
  • “Restoring furniture, doing any project really, is a way to relax for him,” says Erin, as she and Carson watch Chad work. The finished product is incredible!
  • The Bates family gathers to celebrate Zach’s graduation from the Blount County Regional Training Academy. The ceremony is delayed when Zach shows up late.
  • One of the speakers at the graduation ceremony reminds the recruits that nothing is more important than their partner, both on the job and at home.
  • It is an emotional day for Whitney and the rest of the Bates clan. “I was a proud wife because not many guys put their life on the line for people they don’t even know,” says Whitney.
  • “We are all super proud of Zach,” says Nathan.
  • The Bates family members, especially Whitney, admit that they worry about Zach as he works as a enforcement officer. “It makes me pray for him a whole lot more often,” says Kelly.
  • “[Zach] has become the kind of man I think…everybody wants their son to grow up and be like,” says Gil.


  1. Zach and Whitney announced that they are having a baby girl Kaci Lynn

  2. Oh, I love the Bates! They are such good role models in Christ and family! I will be praying for the safety of their family and the safety of Whitney baby girl and Erin's baby (I hope she has a girl too, it would be really cute). Also for their little boys!
    I am praying so mush that I will find a God loving, family loving, kind and caring husband like Chad and Zach ( I hope I spelled his name correct).
    I also hope to be more Godly like Erin and Whitney! They are both role models for me!

    If you could pray for me too, that would be wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Loved Brandon and Michaellas cute way of doing bible study - in the big chair cuddled up (so-to-speak); it was very cute. Their apartment is cozy and fine for just the two of them right now.

  4. Brandon sure is tactful. What a nice guy!

    1. I agree. Carlin is just way too much. "Don't you need to go for a walk?" Best line of the episode!

    2. Yeah, that was my favorite part of the episode too! I love Carlin. But Brandon was just so unbelievably funny. He surprised me. And Carlin's reaction was priceless!!!!

  5. Am grateful for your updates. I am not always able to see the shows weekly, but see them later On Demand. This is really a remarkable family. Very genuine. Am grateful they don't put on. I love Kelly's honesty and openness. Love her comments. The Bates speak their minds and I like that. They are the real deal. Please never change! Don't let the fame get to you, and change. Stay humble. I do hope Chad opens up a shop. Would love to see him run it on the show. Would love to see Erin practice playing the piano. And watch her have the little ones over again. Would love to see Alyssia more, maybe showing us some of her creative crafts. Love to see Gil' s church. Would love to see Whitney family members. Would love to see Micheal prepare a meal and give us her recipes. Love watching the older boys goofing around. Love hearing the girls chatting to us on camera on the couch. Love how they are paired off. They are so funny. Josie and Kate. And the older two girls. Love listening to Warren and his other brothers. Love the two youngest boys. It is truly a great family. Thank you for this show. And thanks for not trying to entertaining us, but just being yourselves, a loving family with no facades.


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