Monday, February 15, 2016

Carson Reaches 9-Month Milestone

Over the weekend, the Bates clan gathered together in Tennessee for their annual Valentine's Day (aka "I Love You Day") dinner.

The family had another reason, as February 14th was also Carson Paine's nine-month milestone. Take a look at this collage to see how much Carson has grown since his birth in May 2015.

Photos courtesy of Chad and Erin Paine


  1. He's so gorgeous. The Bates definitely have some good looking children and adorable grandchildren. I'm sure every month is especially special with Carson since he was so high risk.

  2. Awe! That's sweet!

  3. I see he has that nasty habit as well. GROWTH! What a cutie!! Beautiful family!
    -Tammy H.

  4. Both of these boys are absolutely adorable!!!!! And Allie Jane is a doll!!! Love you guys!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful baby,beautiful have so many reasons to be thankful...sharing your lives with so many is special for all of us...thank you for making our lives a little more special while we watch your family grow....

  6. Carson is so , so precious . He is growing and makes a good cousin for Bradley .


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