Saturday, February 6, 2016

"I Will Always" Lyrics

Lawson Bates' new single, "I Will Always," made it on the list of the top 60 iTunes country songs of 2016. (Click here for information on how to listen.) He performed it at Michael's wedding as a duet with Rachel Leftwich.

If you missed the wedding episode, tune in to UP on Monday at 8pm ET/7pm CT for a rerun, or check out our recap.

A few readers have asked for the lyrics so they can sing along:

"I Will Always"
Lawson Bates

From the day that we first met
I knew that God had led our steps
As I grew closer to you
You became my everything
And I pray that I could be
The one who would make your dreams come true

And as we're standing here today
Daddy gives the bride away
I can't believe that we've come this far
And though I don't have much
I give you my love
And I want you to know
With all my heart

I promise to
Stand by you
Through all the storms in life
I'll be there and I'll be true
No matter what the road
In this life takes us through
I will always
I will always
Love you

Now I don't know what lies ahead
Or where life's road will bend
Only Jesus knows what tomorrow brings
But if sickness or health
In poverty or wealth
I'll be right there by your side
To walk through anything

So as you take my hand
Together we'll stand
And do our best to follow where God leads
You can always trust
No matter what
The way I feel right now
Will always be


People say the only thing
That stays the same is change
But I can tell you right now
Until my dying day
The love I give won't fade

No matter what the road
In this life takes us through
I will always (I will always)
I will always (I will always)
I will always
Love you

Photo courtesy of Lawson Bates; lyrics posted with permission 


  1. Great song (the words are touching), well done Lawson! Haven't heard the tune yet as I can't watch BUB in my country and I'm so behind that I don't know how to use iTunes or such things... but I really hope the tune matches the words :)

  2. What a beautiful song! I wish I could write lyrics like that! Awesome.

  3. Lawson is an incredibly talented songwriter. Wishing him a long and fruitful career in music.

  4. Just beautiful! It is very inspirational.

  5. "You became my everything"?

  6. Nice song but we don't want to look to a person to make our dreams come true.

    1. Different people have different dreams. If one where to dream of having children then a husband could certainly make that come true. But if you never marry that's fine too everyone of us has a unique plan which may or may not involve children.

  7. This song is really nice Lawson. Hope it makes it to #1 I like the way you wrote it and hopefully you do find your special one, she'll be one lucky girl.
    ~Summer L.

  8. I wish guitar chords were available for this song! I want to play it at my wedding!

  9. If someone asks us to sing this at their wedding should we say no since there is no accompaniment or sheet music available? I've searched and can't seem to find any, is there anything available? HELP!

  10. I would Love to play this song at my best friends wedding, but i cant find sheet music Anywhere...… do you know where i could find it or is it not publicly released. Thanks!!!!!


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