Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recap: Training Wheels and Trick Saddles"

Bringing Up Bates "Training Wheels and Trick Saddles"
  • Gil and Kelly surprise Judson with a bike for his fifth birthday. Warden convinces his younger brother to try riding without training wheels, but Judson doesn't like that idea. “I want my training wheels back on,” says the birthday boy. 
  • Erin and Chad, along with Carson and Tori, head to Beech Creek Studios in Nashville to record Erin’s Christmas CD with professional fiddle player Andy Leftwich. (The Paines had been saving money to record a Celtic CD before Carson’s birth, their plans changed when Carson came early.)
  • “Music is probably one of the biggest things in my life,” says Erin. “I enjoy it because I feel like it encourages other people.”
  • Kelly, Callie, and Lawson stop by to visit Erin the studio. “When I hear Erin play, I feel like it was a talent that the Lord gave her,” shares Kelly. “And I feel like she uses it to try to encourage other people, and that really is what drives her.”
  • “Erin is an amazing girl,” says Chad. “Just the fact that after she’s had Carson she goes out and records a CD. I was so proud of Erin.”
  • If you watched the season two finale of Bringing up Bates, you may remember that one of the trick riders from the Dixie Stampede promised to pay a visit to the house to teach the boys a few skills. Well that day has finally arrived.
  • Trick riders Ashley Cutshaw and Shadow Montag arrive at the ranch--the Bates’ 135-acre piece of property where they keep their horses.
  • After learning a few tricks, the boys take Ashley and Shadow on a ride through their town of Rocky Top, Tennessee. “The Bates are very bold,” says Shadow. “I mean, they literally run that town when they get out there full-force.”
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever run through the middle of a town before on a horse, like with traffic,” adds Ashley.


  1. Was hoping to find out what Zach & Whitney where going to have?

  2. Erin looks like a young Kelly. I never noticed how much until I watched her sitting at the piano.

  3. Great episode! This family is really inspiring.


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