Thursday, January 7, 2016

Recap: "Welcome Back Bates"

Bringing Up Bates "Welcome Back Bates"...
  • With three (soon to be four) kids married and two (Nathan and Tori) taking college classes, Gil and Kelly Bates joke that they are having empty nest syndrome.
  • “It’s just starting to hit me as it gets closer, that this is actually my wedding and I’m the one moving away,” shares Michael.
  • As the big day approaches, Gil and Kelly take Michael to Petals & Lace in Nashville, Tennessee, to find her dream dress. “It’s worth anything to find the dress for Michael,” says Gil. “I hate seeing [her] feel the pressure trying to find something [she] can’t.”
  • Several of Michael’s sisters (and brothers, surprisingly) come along. “When Lawson and Nathan caught wind of it, they were not going to be left out of something fun,” says Kelly.
  • “Girls think they know what looks good, but the truth is, you have to have a guy’s opinion to know if something is really good,” says Nathan.
  • Petals & Lace has many styles of dresses, including strapless. Gil's comment makes his wife and daughters laugh: “Most of these wedding dresses, they’re missing all the tops!”
  • “Most people don’t wear them, Dad,” responds Carlin. “He’s not been to many modern weddings has he?” says Kelly, chuckling.
  • Everyone takes a seat, and the fun begins. Lawson and Nathan, who just want to finish and grab pizza, keep things interesting with their witty remarks.
    • “That looks like my grandma’s wedding dress.” (Nathan)
    • “Do y’all ever want to get a dress, or y’all just want to keep talking about dresses?” (Lawson)
  • When Michael walks out of the fitting room wearing THE dress, Gil starts bawling. “I can’t think about it,” says the dad of 19. “We’ve kind of grown up together. She’s always been here. It really is sad.”
  • The proud father braces himself as the attendant prepares to announce the cost, but when she informs him that it will be $600 including tax, he is incredibly relieved.
  • One month before Michael’s wedding, the Bates family travels to Mebane, North Carolina, to watch Kelly’s sister Beth marry her long-time boyfriend.
  • The wedding is outdoors in the middle of summer, and as Gil says, it’s “H-O-T.”
  • Kelly and Michael take note of Beth’s decorations as they plan for Michael’s big day. “Mom is amazing,” shares the bride-to-be. "She’s best mom, matron of honor, best friend, all in one.”
  • Kelly, Michael, Addallee, and Ellie head inside to give Beth a pep talk before the ceremony.
  • The guests are nervous when they hear thunder, and although it starts to sprinkle during the vows, the wedding still ends up being a beautiful occasion.
  • For the next big Bates adventure, the family drives down to Honea Path, South Carolina, for Papa Bill’s 4th of July birthday party. (Papa Bill and Mama Jane are Gil’s parents.) 
  • Zach, who is in the middle of his training at the police academy, isn’t able to attend the party. Michael, accompanied by Callie, stays home so she can go to her scheduled dress fitting.
  • Mama Jane loves having her grandchildren over, but the lack of organization is hard on her. Every year, the kids manage to break Mama Jane’s hammock, and every year Mama Jane mends it. “The year before last when it broke, she took her shoe off and took it to a few of them,” shares Gil. “This year, she responded a lot calmer.”
  • Papa Bill, 77, has been having heart problems, so the extended Bates family cherishes every moment spent with him. During the party, the guests take time to share how Papa Bill has influenced their lives.
  • Whitney’s genuine comment brings everyone to tears: “…It’s really encouraging to watch all y’all as a family, how tight y’all are. [Zach] respects you, and he thinks a lot of you.”
  • Later, Kelly and Tori impress everyone during an all-generations kickball game.
  • During a commercial break, viewers find out which Bates couple is expecting a baby. It's Zach and Whitney! Click here for details. 


  1. What is Nathan studying in college?

    1. He wants to be a preacher so probably something with that.

    2. No he is going to be a comedy person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Will this episode be on iTunes?

    1. Hi there,

      The episode has not yet been uploaded to iTunes, but we will make an announcement to our readers once it has been.

      Lily and Ellie

  3. I like them but I just wanted to scream at them about their pronunciation of the word wedding. Wedd-inG. Not wedd-in.

    1. I love their accent! It's very characteristic.

    2. I think its funny. And very cute!!

  4. Welcome to the south. In the South is weddin

  5. Any chance this show might be added to Netflix or Hulu????

  6. They are from Tennessee,and so am I. Thats how we talk down south. You can't take the south out of us southerners. We are what we are.

  7. I Love Bringing up Bates! OK, is this going to be season 4 ? Will it last at least until September?


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