Friday, January 8, 2016

How Many Bates Babies?

Have you heard the big news? Zach and Whitney Bates are expecting their second child this summer! (Click here to view their announcement video.)

Bradley (born October 29, 2014) and his sibling will be a little less than two years apart, which is considered very close in age by the world's standards. But Bates standards are a bit different. Aside from the 27-month gap between Ellie Bates and Callie-Anna Bates, all of Gil and Kelly's 19 kids are 13 to 17 months apart.

Watch Tori Bates, 20, quiz Zach and Whitney on their favorite foods and the number of children they hope to have (video below).

Video courtesy of UP


  1. Ellie can u pleaz them to name their baby after a book of the Bible?

  2. I hope they keep doing this. I love these question/answer funny.


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