Monday, January 21, 2019

Bates Cook-Off Recipes

Bates family cook-off

For those who have asked about the recipes that the Bates siblings prepared for last week's Bates family cook-off, we have a couple to share. The network has posted Zach's stuffed mushroom recipe and Erin's stuffed chicken recipe (links below). For more Bates family recipes, visit our Recipes page.

Zach Bates' Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Erin Paine's Stuffed Chicken Recipe

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  1. Thanks for the recipes. How do the Bates celebrate Dr Martin Luther King Jr day?

    1. Is it really a day of celebration? More like a day of remembrance and education.

    2. I know when I was a kid we had school on Martin Luther King day. We never celebrated it. They started doing days of schools for the blacks after I got out of school.

    3. 10:53- I hope you understand that MLK Day is not just "for the blacks" or just a day off from school. It's important for everyone to reflect on Martin Luther King's message and what it means to not judge people by the color of their skin. During these divisive times, it's crucial.

    4. "They started doing days of schools for the "blacks"? Anon @10:53 your comment sounded almost racist which I hope isn't the case. MLK Day is for regardless of the color of a person's skin color.

    5. I remember MLK Day as the day my kid lost her innocence in first grade. Up to that point, she didn't know there was a difference between her friends of different races. By teaching the kids about MLK Jr, tThe school made sure that the kids knew they were different. I was so angry. And it was a Christian school. Racism is taught by adults. Just leave the kids alone.

  2. Loved the recipes and show. Also what has Michaela &Brandon been doing. Need family show with all the kids

  3. those mushrooms look soooo good!


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