Thursday, January 24, 2019

'A Sweet Shower & a Surprise Switch' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "A Sweet Shower & a Surprise Switch"

  • Kelly and Josie are back in New York City for Josie’s dress fitting. “I am hoping that it fits because there’s a lot of changes that we made that I’m not really sure what they’re going to look like, but I think it’s going to be great, hopefully,” says Josie.
  • “Oh my word,” says Kelly when she sees her daughter in the gown. “Josie, that is more beautiful than I even imagined.” Both she and Josie love it.
  • “I could not be any happier,” says Kourtney Wilson, Josie's bridal consultant.
  • Back in Tennessee, Evan’s mom gives him some impromptu dance lessons to prepare for the proposal. “Just the fact that neither of you really know how to dance…it’s just adorable if you step on each other’s toes or don’t do it right,” says Erin. “It’s okay, it’s not about being perfect, but just about…making her dreams come true.” Erin has payed a big role in helping Evan plan the proposal.
  • Twenty days before the wedding, Kelly and the girls host a tea party bridal shower for Josie (even though Josie is more of a coffee drinker). With all the babies and weddings the Bates have had, it has become difficult to find a new theme for each shower.
  • “A Bates party is always a late party,” says Kelly. “Guests are coming in, and we’re hanging the decorations, but that is typical for a Bates party.”
  • The ladies compete in a game of “sniff the teabag.” The goal is to identify each type of tea by smelling the bags.
  • Carlin, Erin, Whitney, and Ellie end up winning, even though their process of elimination strategy is a little suspect.
  • Josie is thrilled about all her gifts, and she shows it as she opens them. “Honestly, now I think everything feels real,” says Josie. “The wedding is coming.”
  • “You’ve got an iron and an ironing board, now you’re ready to get married,” jokes Kelly.
  • “Kelton’s going to love it,” laughs Josie. “He loves ironing stuff. I never iron anything.”
  • Kelly and Carlin drive to Nashville to watch Lawson and family-friend Oliva Collingsworth record at Black River Sound Stage, and Tori comes to join them. Kelly and Lawson are clued in on a big surprise that is about to go down, but Carlin and Tori are clueless.
  • Evan is extremely nervous as he waits to enter the studio. Lawson is able to sneak him into the sound booth, and he starts singing a little jingle: “I got your bags packed and the plane tickets in hand. I know you’re confused, so I’ll help you understand. I’ve got a getaway trip that’s already been planned, so I’ll bring you as my girl and me as your man. This is the when. You don’t know the where, but I promise, girl, when we get there, you won’t know what to say when you see the surprise. So are you ready to take the trip to the time of our lives?”
  • Carlin is shocked and says later that her face looks like that of a “dying duck.” She runs into Evan’s arms. Evan has also purchased Carlin a new suitcase.
  • Tune in next week to watch the rest of the proposal. “I made sure to take all my rings off here, just in case,” laughs Carlin.


  1. I really don't like it when the guy just shows up and pulls the girl away from whatever she's doing. It seems so disrespectful of her time. There are better ways to do an engagement/courtship.

    1. For a once in a lifetime, much anticipated event like an engagement she can probably spare the time. 😍

    2. I'm sure none of the girls mind. They are just so in love and for Carlin, I'm sure it's pure joy. She has been waiting on this for a long time. I'm sure her mom will make sure the kids have help with school while she's gone. Carlin is home all the time and deserves a break.

    3. Lol, if my guy decided to surprise me with a plane trip/vacation, the last thing I'd do is consider him disrespectful! That would be awesome!

    4. When Kelton interrupted Josie at work, I thought it was quite disrespectful to Josie and to her scheduled clients. How can she look professional with him doing something like that? Does she really want to be successful at hairdressing or is she just playing around? Kelton should take her work seriously. I doubt he'd drop everything in the middle of a plumbing job.

    5. 12:04, if her boss was in on the secret, then they would have figured out the client end of it and cleared her schedule ahead of time. You are assuming a situation that most likely did not happen.

    6. I can't see Kelton leaving a plumbing job without notice or warning. It's just not professional!

    7. When Josie or Carlin sees the TV truck pull up, and then all the equipment being set up to film, they definitely must know something is up.

  2. MO- All the Mother-In-Law's are such gracious ladies! Evan's Mom is so sweet- And I disagree with Kelly that opening presents at a shower is hard. Just smiling and saying thank you to family and friends for the gifts is all that's required. Josie seemed very grateful for everything- A breath of fresh air!! :o)

  3. Oh my goodness! Loved the surprise and Carlin's reaction! Can't wait for next week's episode!

  4. I thought Carlin's surprise with Evan singing to her was so charming. I loved it. I'm also a HUGE fan of the Collingsworth Family singing group. They are from Ohio so it's interesting that the Bates family knows the youngest daughter, Olivia Collingsworth, and she was in on the singing surprise.

  5. I don't believe Evan meant to intrude on Carlin's day and I don't believe Carlin felt intruded upon. It was all planned, as stated on the show. And, Carlin seemed more than happy to see him and be surprised by her boyfriend. I thought it was sweet and well thought out.

  6. Can’t wait for next week! Wonderful show!
    I just found out Comcast is dropping Up tv in my area of NJ. in early February or late next week. So I’m dropping Comcast and going to try Fire Stick.
    Anyone have any other suggestions? Does A Fire Stick get UP tv?

    Does anyone know if Up can be viewed using a Fire Stick?

    1. You can buy episodes on Amazon that can be played through the Fire Stick. I buy the episodes on iTunes. They are usually available to download the day after. That way I can I can view it off line on my computer. Hope this helps.

  7. Rachael Brown, thank you! Using I tunes, do you keep the episodes on your
    Computer indefinitely or is it a one time viewing of each episode? Same question with Amazon, can you watch the episodes more than once throughout the year?

    1. I am not sure about amazon, I know some movies you can rent, but I don’t think you can rent tv shows. But I do know when you purchase on iTunes you can get the whole season for about $20 and that’s unlimited. It’s like having it on dvd pretty much.

  8. I have Directv and I like it.

  9. Bates sisters are so different:
    Michaela seems quiet, almost always in the shadows.
    Erin is bubbly and loves the spotlight.
    Alyssa is so calm and sweet & petite.
    Tori is very opinionated & can be a bit off-putting at times.
    Carlin full of life and fun and albeit loud at times full of personality.
    Josie - She is a gem - appears to be very considerate & also has a quiet side.
    Katie - She has grown into a beauty & is reserved with her opinion.
    We (fans) have not gotten to know the three youngest girls as much -however Addallee is a help to everyone and such a cute young lady. I can picture her teaching school later on.
    Ellie - sparkling eyes with just a little hint of "I here & I'm special"
    Callie - Cute, tells it like it is in her opinion - likeable.


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