Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Bates Family Cook-Off

"My plate comes along, and [Judson] just passes it and says, 'ZERO.' And I said, 'What!?'"
-Lawson Bates

A new episode of Bringing Up Bates is just two days away. Aren't you glad the Bates family is back on UPtv? It sure was a long three months without them! Look below for an episode summary and sneak peek video featuring a Bates family cook-off.

Thursday, January 17
8pm: Big Decision, Bigger Opinions
8:30pm: Big Apple Bride
9pm: A Proposal to Plan & Wedding To-Dos NEW! 
Now that Evan has picked out an engagement ring for Carlin, there’s one more big thing on his to do list--figuring out a proposal plan! He meets up with Erin and Kelly Jo to brainstorm ideas on where he should pop the question to his true love. Meanwhile, Josie and Kelton have settled on an outdoor space for their wedding. But will impending rain put a damper on planning the perfect ceremony? Erin and Chad stop by Zach and Whitney’s house, after learning that Whitney had a miscarriage. The couples offer one another support and plant a tree in memory of the baby.
30 minutes

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. I'm so sorry Whitney. Praying for peace. Your baby is with sweet Jesus!

  2. I am so sorry for you loss. Prayers to all the family going thru this difficult time

  3. I am so sorry . God will be holding you through this.

  4. Im. So sorry for whitley ..and zach

  5. My prayers are with Whitney, Zach and the Bates family during their time of loss!

  6. omg yes! i'm so happy it's back on! hope we get a long season!

  7. I hope you have another baby soon.

  8. Haha poor Lawson. guess they should've made bacon and eggs


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