Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Preparing for the Proposal

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart engagement

"I'm looking at Gil, and he's trying to set stuff up, and I'm going, 'You're night doing it right! You're not doing it fast enough!'"
-Kelly Bates

Evan Stewart's big proposal airs tomorrow night on UPtv. But in order to pull off the perfect day for Carlin, the groom-to-be needs a lot of help from his parents and future in-laws (video below).

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. Y’know, that’s all sweet; but why can’t any of these guys propose to their girls without such elaborate fanfare?

    1. It makes for something to film for their TV show. If they weren't TV celebrities, I doubt they'd go to such lengths to propose. You can make the moment special and keep it simple at the same time.

    2. Because it’s a TV show. Nothing real.

    3. Actually, even before they were on television they had more elaborate proposals. Zach and Whitney were engaged in Florida.

  2. Why does he need help from parents to propose? It seems so staged. I sometimes wonder why Kelly spends so much traveling when she has small ones at home.

  3. It's so funny how Kelly Jo says "cello-ist." She's cute!


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