Thursday, February 5, 2015

Recap: "Organized Chaos"

Tonight on Bringing Up Bates, "Organized Chaos"...
  • Gil and Kelly and the kids go through the lengthy process of pulling out winter clothes and packing away summer clothes. "It takes us all day to go through clothes," says Josie. "And sometimes another day," adds Katie.
  • "That's mine!" is one of the most common phrases heard as the family sorts through clothes.
  • Kelly decides to donate her maternity clothes. "I'm getting old, and there's not been a baby in a long time, and so I thought, we're just keeping clutter," says the mom of 19, who would still love to have another kid, as would the rest of the family.
  • Kelly adds: "Somebody said, 'If you get rid of all your clothes, watch what will happen, you'll get pregnant.' So I said, 'Good idea!'"
  • The Bates family prepares to sing at the Museum of Appalachia's Tennessee Fall Homecoming festival. To get the little kids in the mood to sing, Carlin and Kelly lead them in a round of "The Poochie Lip Disease."
  • The evening before the festival, the whole family, minus Alyssa and John, gather to rehearse "In This House," the song they will be singing at the event. It doesn't go as well as they had hoped. 
  • On the day of the performance, Kelly says she is most nervous about the older girls giggling and the little kids not being attentive.
  • The performance turns out well, and the whole family is relieved. Carlin also showcases her yodeling skills, and Lawson sings one of his original songs, "Freedom Sure Ain't Free."
  • When the Duggars helped the Bates add an addition onto their house back in spring 2008, the old part of the house became a storage room. Chad and Erin come over to help the family organize the space so it can be used.
  • "We are great project starters, but Chad is a good project finisher," says Nathan.
  • In the middle of the project, Michaella receives a text from her boyfriend, Brandon. "Brandon is my greatest distraction, and I love being distracted," says Michaella.
  • "When Brandon texts, [Michaella] is no help around here," laughs Gil.
  • The Bates boys pause the cleanup project to do home haircuts. Chad is a self-taught expert at trimming men's hair. "My brothers, they are very, very, very particular about their haircut," says Erin.
  • "You are definitely the best guy that Erin has ever married," Gil tells Chad jokingly. The dad of 19 makes a point to reward his son-in-law for helping with haircuts.


  1. I just love Gil. He has a great sense of humor

  2. Please please someone put the episodes on YouTube, otherwise we Australians will never see them :(

    1. Youtube are blocking and closing the accounts of anyone who tries to upload them, so even I in the uk won't get to see these episodes :(

    2. I Can't wait to see them on YouTube

    3. I'm another aussie bringing up bates fan! :)

  3. I love the honesty of this family, where children are allowed to be children. And where the older children are trusted. Michaella is trusted enough to get test messages from her boyfriend without parents reading and monitoring them. Thank you Gil and Kelly for allowing your children to grow up and that you trust them to make good decisions.

  4. I hope Chad gets enough down time with his new wife and baby on the way!
    He seems like a very giving peraon, but sometimes ya just gotta protect your own space and time...even Jesus did that!

  5. I do wish there was a way to watch the episodes here.

    Thank you for providing a recap for those like us that are unable to view.

  6. Another great episode, I really like this family.


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