Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tonight... An Update on Michaella's Courtship

Tonight's new episode of Bringing Up Bates is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. When Brandon Keilen travels to Tennessee for an extended visit, it quickly becomes clear that he is preparing to take the next step in his courtship with Michaella.

Tune in to UP at 9pm ET/8pm CT, and come back to the blog after the show for a written recap.


  1. I canNOT wait of rate show tonight. I LOVE the new show and the Bates family. UP is really doing a wonderful job on the show (and the music it uses). I find myself anticipating the show all week!!

    1. I agree, UP is doing a much better job of presenting this family!

  2. THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED! I'm so happy for them! It either happened her birthday or valentines day!:) <333

  3. Concerning Erin's eye makeup tutorial. I just wanted to let Erin know that when I was her age I was told by someone who worked with makeup professionally to be very careful when touching the tender skin under the eye. This skin is very prone to wrinkles, so you want to touch it as lightly as you can when applying makeup or cover up under the eye. I am so thankful that I listened to her, because now, almost 40 years later, that area does not have wrinkles. I know that it would if I had not been told that. You are so beautiful, Erin! I just wanted to warn you about pulling that skin under your eye. It is better to just very lightly dab at it. I pray for your baby's healthy arrival. You are a beautiful young woman and you play the piano for the Glory of the Lord. You and Chad are such a testimony for Him!


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