Friday, February 27, 2015

Bates Discuss Brandon's Visit

What do Michaella's parents and siblings have to say about Brandon's extended visit with the Bates family, which aired on last night's episode of Bringing Up Bates?

Kelly and Gil were thrilled to spend time bonding with Brandon and are looking forward to the day when he officially becomes their son-in-law.

"We encourage our children to bring friends to our house, because we like to be involved in their lives," explains Kelly Bates. "We especially enjoy spending time with someone that is involved in a courtship with one of our children because it offers some bonding time with the rest of the family that will establish long lasting relationships once married."

"I was so glad that Brandon was able to spend a few weeks with the family," says Zach Bates. "I know how important it is to establish strong relationships with family members, and that takes time and involvement. Once he gets married, they are likely to move, so this time together will be treasured memories."

Alyssa Bates Webster lives in Florida with her husband, John, and wasn't able to join in on Brandon's visit, but she knew before he arrived that her future-brother-in-law was in for a chaotic two weeks. "There are no secrets in our house, nor is there a lack of opinions, and the new guy on the scene gets to hear them all! I’m sure Brandon’s time with the family will be an unforgettable one!"

Lawson Bates is serious about protecting his sisters. "Well, Nathan and I have gotten the reputation of being the ones that make it hard on the guys! He’s got to meet our approval, cause in our opinion, they deserve the best! Brandon passed, but we’re still trying to use our brotherly persuasion to talk him into moving to Tennessee!"

Photo: Courtesy of UP


  1. Brandon is Alyssa's future brother-in-law........not son-in-law 😉

  2. Yay! Only for Alyssa Webster it says her future son in law.
    Thanks for keeping us updated Lilly and Ellie!

  3. I think you probably meant 'future BROTHER-in-law' in Alyssa's quote haha :D

  4. What a solid and sweet young man. They look just right together! Blessings to both of them!

  5. Thanks Lily and Ellie for doing this bate family blog. I'm glad you did I like the bates!
    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date and for the recaps as I can't watch the show on air

  6. Wow, if this doesn't scare a guy off, I suppose nothing will. All the marriage talk, yet no proposal. A lot of assumptions it seems to me. Maybe that is how it is done among their family, but at times I think Brandon seems uncomfortable.

  7. Does anyone know how to watch full episodes of Bringing Up Bates online? It isn't available on Amazon instant, unfortunately and I'd love to see the show!

  8. I agree with Anonymous 12:49 PM. Brandon is uncomfortable about something. In pictures he looks so sweet and happy; however, I wonder if he is uncomfortable on camera. Something seems off. He was uncomfortable when Michael surprised him for his birthday and he seemed very uncomfortable when visiting the family. I think Tori was a little obnoxious but he should have been able to handle it. I hope it is just that he is shy about them asking so many questions.

  9. It's probably just that he's reserved, a little shy especially being filmed. Not everyone is comfortable with that.


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