Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Exercising with Gil

Gil Bates and Judson Bates and Jeb Bates
Gil Bates does shoulder exercises with Judson Bates and Jeb Bates

"That's how you got in this mess, Dad."
-Jeb Bates

Sometimes a man needs his young children to remind him to take it easy. While doing his rehab exercises following shoulder surgery, Gil has some help from Judson and Jeb. Not only do they do the exercises alongside him, but they also make sure he doesn't push it too far (video below).

Photo/video courtesy of UPtv


  1. Good job Gil! Keep at it!!!

  2. I really like how Gil and Kelly interact with their kids. They still have the energy and focus to give attention to number 19!

  3. I didn't know that Gil even exercised at all! It certainly doesn't look like he does.

    1. You haven't seen all the episodes about his athletic background, the family football games, the fact that he has had an active job as a tree cutter?

    2. that is not exercise, that is playing or his job. Neither of which keeps you healthy and in fact can kill you if you are not healthy. Example, how many heart attacks happen when someone shovels the snow

    3. He had surgery and is doing required exercise for recovery!

  4. What Gil is doing here is his physical therapy after shoulder surgery. He doensn't seem to exercise normally. This is prescribed by his shoulder surgeon.


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