Thursday, August 6, 2020

'Beauty and the Business' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Beauty and the Business"
  • Gil is doing exercises and stretches in hopes of getting his range of motion back after his shoulder surgery. Hie wants to be able to use his chainsaw and play basketball with the boys.
  • “The one-handed pushup days better be over for Dad,” says Trace. But some of the siblings predict that Gil will be back at it before too long. “He’s always been quite good at it, and it is very impressive, and I think he’s going to try it again,” says Michael.
  • Cosmetologist Josie and her makeup artist business partner, Grace Rochat, do a trial run in hair and makeup with a bride who will be getting married in June. “I am so proud of Josie because I know she’s in a place now with Effortless Beauty that she absolutely loves and enjoys,” says Kelton.
  • Meanwhile, Kelton is working to grow his new plumbing business. Starting at age 12, he began working with his uncle, who is also a plumber. At age 18 he became a licensed plumber and then earned a degree in finance. Now, Bobby is learning the trade. “My level of mechanical ability when it comes to tools and working on things is just about squat,” says Bobby.
  • To celebrate Jackson and Addallee’s birthdays, the family goes indoor skydiving. The activity is Jackson’s idea, and Addee is terrified. She ends up having a fun time though.
  • During lunch, 18-year-old Jackson shares his future plans. He will attend ALERT, a training camp organized by IBLP, and then hopes to join the Marine Corps. The family also showers the birthday people with praises. “Addallee is a person with a servant’s heart,” says Lawson. “Every time she comes into a room, it seems like she’s looking for people to help. She’s not thinking about her.”
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you complain in the whole time you’ve been alive,” says Gil of Addee.
  • “When I think of you, I think of a brain,” says Kelly of Jackson. “You were always the one that if there was something to take apart and fix that we were throwing in the trash can, you would go pull it out of the trash can, and even if you had never seen it before, never done it before, you would figure it out. And I’m really proud of you.”


  1. If Addee was terrified of the activity Jackson chose why couldn't she choose her own activity? Doesn't really seem fair to her. After all it's her birthday too.

  2. ILove The Bates they are a great Blessing to me and a wonderful and true family I live in Tennessee as well and would like to meet this wonderful family they make my heart full of joy I love the whole family my God Bless each and every one of you

  3. I've never heard of indoor skydiving before. It looked like fun!

  4. It's a shame that Addee was not allow to do something for her birthday. It seems if the girls are not in a courtship they are pushed to the side.

    They really couldn't do something for Addee for her birthday? They do not have to combine their birthday celebrations but if they do then they should compromise the activity.

    1. Maybe they did but didn't put it on tv? It's odd they didn't address it, though.

  5. Why did they choose an activity that would frighten Addee? It was HER birthday too after all. Why do the males get treated differently than their housemaid sisters? It was obvious that they could have done this activity separately with only the ones who were interested in it. Addee deserved better than what she got. I think this isn't unusual. Sorry for her.

  6. I
    I really enjoyed watching the Bates on Thursday night.

  7. Love your show praying for baby Layla any updates

  8. Lovely family ofcourse, all smiles and praises and such.
    But again: a birthday activity which you are afraid of, and your own family can only praise you for never complaining.
    Meanwhile, your brother gets the party he wanted and is praised for being smart. It again shows how different they treat their sons and daughters.

    How will these girls ever learn to stand up for themselves when they're being praised (=loved for) not complaining?

  9. I love watching the show but was wondering why Michaela who is the second born is shown later in the line up and not after Zach if she is the second child.

  10. Oh indoor skydiving, I'd try. Real outside, nope... Hope they all had a good time

  11. I love the Bates family! So nice to watch your show and see a family with Christian values.


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