Thursday, August 30, 2018

'Asking Permission and a Big Decision' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Asking Permission and a Big Decision"
  • Zach and Whitney take Josie and Kelton out to dinner at Aubrey's Restaurant. "We get along really well with Zach and Whitney," says Kelton. "We really value their friendship and their counsel."
  • As soon as they sit down, Zach gets down to business and asks the courting couple when they are planning on getting engaged. "Zach is very to the point about everything in life," says Kelton. "It's refreshing, and it's kind of funny."
  • It turns out that Kelton is preparing to have a "large talk" with Gil. But first, he and Josie meet together with Gil and Kelly. "...We have come to the conclusion that we believe that the Lord is leading us toward marriage," says Kelton. "We want to seek your guidance on when a potential time frame could be to move forward with that. And we want to hear your heart on whether or not y'all are in agreement with that."
  • Josie's dream is to have a fall wedding, hopefully this year. That's only five months away. 
  • Gil isn't sure if he can handle another wedding so soon, but Kelly tells him, "Honey you better prepare because this is domino effect." He replies: "And I don't even play dominoes. Let's just say, these wedding things for the girls is going pretty good. The guys, let's just say the dominoes are not falling yet."
  • When Kelly tells Gil that both Josie and Carlin have already been browsing for wedding dresses online, Gil says, "We're getting rid of the internet, too." Josie busts out laughing.
  • But all joking aside, Gil wants his daughter to be happy. "Hey, we'll do all we can to help you do whatever we can do to help make your dream happen if we can," he says, in tears.
  • Later, Gil and some of the boys head over to the church building that they have recently moved into. The congregation has grown, so the plan is to tear half the sanctuary down and build a new one that seats almost 300 people. Lawson suggests keeping the current building and adding a separate sanctuary, but Gil ultimately decides to continue with the existing plan. The project will be completed by the Bates, other church members, and a group called Carpenters for Christ from Alabama.
  • Eight weeks into their pregnancy, Tori and Bobby have their first ultrasound at Dr. Vick's office. "I'll tell you, when you sit in that ultrasound room for the first time, all of the sudden you see that life moving around in there, it's insane," says Bobby.
  • Dr. Vick says that the ultrasound looks good. "Everything's great, I think, except for sickness," shares Tori, who is due November 24th. Tori's progesterone was low, but the doctor was able to bring it up with medicine. He also prescribes something to help with morning sickness.


  1. Love love these folks

  2. why would Gil bates decide what to do with the church that should be bought before the membership. Is he an elder in the church on the borad. Please do not say Gil did that makes the church look bad. one person never makes decsion in a church.

    1. For some reason I get the feeling that the church is Gil's pure and simple. I don't get the impression it is part of a larger organization like the Lutherans or Methodists. It seems like he simply acquired the church on his own without any organized sponsorship. But I could be completely wrog.

    2. For the first time since I have been watching the Bates and reading about their lives, accomplishments and always giving them high marks for clean living, high values, I give them a failing mark for destroying that church.
      What an out and out waste.

    3. They are an independent church and don’t have to answer to a denominational board. I am sure Gill discussed it with his deacons first. The deacons would then recommend it to the church and a vote would take place. I am sure all of the options were discussed before anything was done.

    4. I think it's because he purchased it on his own like Kathy said above. I believe he is the preacher too. I'd love to visit their Church if I ever visit Tennessee 😊

    5. 10:05, how is it a waste if they're tearing part of it down to expand it? They're not tearing it down just to destroy the building. They need to expand because more people are coming to their church. I don't see how that's a problem or something to criticize them for.

    6. The Bates are apparently "Independent Baptists" meaning they identify as Baptists (as they joked about in the episode) but aren't part of any larger umbrella group such as the Southern Baptist Convention.

      And Anon at 1005AM: The show made it clear that they did NOT demolish the whole building, just half of it, and it's not like they destroyed a hundred year old historic building.

      And from what I know of professional demolition crews, they recycle as much as they can, they don't just throw all the rubble into the nearest landfill. One of the men helping runs a scrap metal recycling yard and I wouldn't be surprised if he hauled away some scraps from the site in lieu of a cash payment.

    7. @10:05. Why is it a waste???

  3. I really enjoyed the show the week. How kind of the Carpenters for Christ to help Gil build the larger church. I used to live in Huntsville, AL- such nice people! Maybe some day Bobby will return to the Knoxville area as the youth minister to help Gil since Bible Baptist is growing so fast!

  4. Who is paying for this demolition and construction? I hope Gil, personally is paying because it doesn't look like it was voted on by the members.
    How many members are their in this church? Does anyone know?

  5. I think Gil was trying to provide more room in the church in the cheapest possible way. I hope it all works out for the church.

    Another possibility would have been to go to 2 services with Sunday school scheduled in the middle of the two services. Lots churches where I live do that until they have saved enough money to build a new, bigger church and use the old facility for all kinds of outreach programs, classes and even wedding/ funeral events. Seems like they were in too much of a hurry and didn’t think things through.

  6. If Gil owns the building outright, then it legally is his to do whatever he wants with it. We have zero idea if the demolition was "voted" on by the congregation. the building did not look as though it was of historic in nature and may have really needed demolishing for safety?zoning reasons, too!
    Sadly, churches of both historic and grand architecture are and have been demolished for many reasons that have nothing to do with improvements. Recently, the grande dame of a beautiful church was demolished in Worcester MA...sad. Google it and read about the pleas to save her to no avail.


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