Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Girl Time with the Bates

"It was just so much fun getting to cook a big meal and sit down together with everybody. It was just so fun to have a big group again."
-Michael (Bates) Keilen

During their beach getaway, the Bates ladies enjoy cooking and eating together, just like old times. (Where Bates gather, there is always food!) Check out this scene from tomorrow's episode, which will be one hour long.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. So pleasurable to see grown siblings interact with each other.

  2. Can't wait to see the new episode tomorrow. Are all the episodes in April 1 hour long? What day will Tori's wedding be on?

  3. Time 3:11PM
    Boy I wish I had sisters growing up but I have 2 brothers Iam the middle child. Sometimes we ladies do need a girls day out. I had one on Saturday me & Mom had our nails done. In this photo looks like the Bates family is having fun.

  4. I had always wanted a large family. It was my brother and I. My Mom was an only child and My Dad had one sister. We had no relationship with my Dad or his family. My Mom's Mom had 2 sisters but they were not close one sister lived in California and the other on North Texas and Missouri. We lived in West Central Texas. I had a good childhood with lots of friends but no big holidays. I have 2 children they each have 2 Children. My brother has a daughter and she has a daughter. His wife is an only child. LOL. Small family. Lovely watching and keeping up with these large families

  5. these kids are so lucky to have the relationship that they do!

    1. Yes true! My sisters are 26.5 and 14 yrs... the older one is in NY and im in MI. i wish we has that kinda relationahip


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