Friday, April 6, 2018

Cooking for an Army?

Kelly Bates: "As a mom, it's neat to see everybody back together again, as if we were still under one roof together again. I miss those days."

Michael Keilen: "Mom thought we were cooking for the whole family and all the relatives, so that's how much food we had, when really it was only 10, but that's okay."

In this web exclusive from last night's episode (be sure to check out our written recap), the Bates ladies share a meal together at the beach house. Kelly's daughters make jokes about her massive, soupy lasagna, but Kelly laughs it off. The mom of 19 is just glad to have all her daughters together under one roof.

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Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. I watched the show last night and as always loved it. I can relate to Kelly whenever my children all gather with their families it feels like we are whole again

  2. You took down Duggar Family Blog??????

    1. Hi there,

      My Duggar blog is still up. However, I have been doing updates, and some of my readers have had issues accessing it. What web address are you entering? If you copy and paste the link below, it should work, but if you add an s to https, it won't. Let me know if this link works:

    2. I think there is also a browser issue. The blog freezes on IE, and while my Chrome seems compatible I know others using Chrome get problems too. So far the only browser that has had NO problems is Firefox.

    3. Hi there,

      I, as well as many other website owners, have been encouraging readers to avoid Internet Explorer for quite a while. It has had issues for years. I recommend Firefox, Safari (for Apple users), or Chrome. Some browsers work better than others for certain readers/devices. :)


  3. Goodness it did look gross!! At least it tasted ok!

  4. Kellyjo, you are truley blessed to have such wonderful children.

  5. Anna Rooney, Perry, Georgia ( 7, 2018 at 9:05 AM

    I thoroughly enjoy Bringing Up Bates. This family has become part of My family. Love them all.
    God Bless them all. Congratulations on the 100th episode.

  6. I'd love a family like this one. They are all so wonderful.

  7. I Love, Love the Bates. My question is who is the girl with them and WHY don't they introduce us to people who clearly are not the bates? Also I miss that the Duggars and the Bates cannot be on each other shows. That stinks.


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