Friday, February 16, 2018

Bobby Turns 23

Wishing Bobby Smith a happy 23rd birthday! Today also happens to be Tori and Bobby Smith's two-month wedding anniversary.

Tori (Bates) Smith and Bobby Smith
Tori Bates and Bobby Smith Parasailing
 Tori and Bobby Parasailing

Photos courtesy of UP/


  1. Such an adorable couple...they will have good looking children!!!!! Happy Birthday Bobby, and happy two-month anniversary!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bobby enjoy your special day with your beautiful wife. God Bless you both. 🎉🎈🎊❤️

  3. Wanted to wish Bobby a happy 23rd birthday today hope you have a wonderful day today

  4. Happy Birthday Bobby!

  5. I don't recall: is Tori her full name or is it a nickname?
    This family has a particular taste in nicknames as main names. ;)

  6. Happy Birthday Bobby!

  7. Tori is usually short for Victoria. Never heard of Tori as a given name before.


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