Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Zach and Lawson: Caption This

Lawson Bates and Zach Bates
 Zach Bates and Lawson Bates

"That's totally more James Bond than Barney Fife."
-Lawson Bates

In this clip, you'll get a look at some raw footage of oldest Bates brothers Zach and Lawson, as they come up with captions for some of their goofiest photos.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. I think they were being very careful (for their "G" fans) of their comments!😉

  2. I'm wondering if y'all know when we will get to see pictures of Tori and Bobbys wedding party. I'm very eager to see more pictures! <3

  3. It is fun to watch the boys, poke fun at one another, and you can tell that it has not been written down for them to just read off script. I must be fun to be around them - they all have such great sense of humors ! The more I see the more I like this family, keep the fun stuff coming.

  4. Zach definitely got his laugh from his father! He sounds just like Gil :D


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