Friday, June 23, 2017

The Competitive Bates Women

While they appear sweet and gentle most of the time, the Bates women all have a competitive side, especially Erin Bates Paine and Tori Bates. During their jiu-jitsu class, Erin admits that all she wants to do is take people down. And Tori ends up punching the instructor in the face! Here's a deleted scene from last night's episode that you'll enjoy.

Photo/video courtesy of UP


  1. The show is doing well. I believe the show is better when they do 'exploring' kinds of episodes (like this week when they took jiu jitsu lessons & went to a cooking school) vs. 'love' shows (like Carlin & Tori getting intimate with their friends). Don't misunderstand, it's all good, but the humor factor is higher on the exploring type shows. This family is willing to do new things and work to arrange surprises for people's birthdays, etc., but the 'surprise' element goes away once a show uses it - so to continually come up with newness is a big task. One 'on-going' interesting topic is the various 'shows-within-a-show' that come up . . . Lawson's concerts, Erin's playing, family 'singings' . . . these are nice to see & hear. Maybe some of the other kids singing their first solo or group 'specials' at church? (PS - Carlin's new friend does have a good voice)

    Oh - one more note . . . the "Carlin funny factor" was demonstrated this week with her crashing through a wall . . . but Lawson has one of those, with him crashing - through Erin & Chad's wall?, on his 'official' site too . . . so the misadventures of all the kids can keep us entertained - I liked seeing the horseback riding, car driving, & plane flying experiences.

    Not sure how to do it - but it'd be nice to have some of that talent harnessed somehow into 'regular' segments - Lawson has some very neat songs - Erin has outstanding piano talent - Brandon has some great drawing ability - Chad is the handyman extraodinaire - perhaps there can be a regular 3 - 5 minute segment that features these talents?

  2. i really felt bad for whitney falling like she did. i actually thought it was her that went through the wall at first until i rewatched that part. glad she was ok too.

    erin cracks me up! she is so cute 'protecting' chad if need be, lol!

  3. Erin has a lot of personality. Very funny how she wanted to "take him down", lol!!!!


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