Thursday, June 29, 2017

'He Said, She Shed' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "He Said, She Shed"

  • During family Bible time, Gil announces that he is going to need help with the dreaded task of cleaning out the shed. “Nasty and trash and metal junk and dirty stuff,” is Judson’s [very accurate] description of the shed.
  • “Dad’s pretty good about go with the flow, unless it comes to where he has to get rid of some of his stuff,” says Carlin.
  • “I can see value in things that nobody else can see,” responds Gil.
  • Trace, who is currently putting the Dixie Stampede on hold and attending college, announces that he plans to try out for the Crown basketball team, and his family is thrilled.
  • Partway through the shed project, Nathan finds the wire from the zip line the Bates had at their old house, and he starts to put it up for the little kids, but Gil puts that project on hold until the shed is finished.
  • When Kelly calls Carlin over to help sweep, the boys take the opportunity to scare her with a huge, remote-controlled spider. She decides to spend her day painting lines on the basketball court so Trace can practice.
  • “Can you believe the Bates are getting two things done at once?!” exclaims Trace.
  • By the end of the day, the shed looks great, and Kelly is thrilled. “I have to admit,” she tells Gil. “Stepping back and looking at the finished project—don’t take this the wrong way—but I did not know you had it in you.”
  • After the court is painted, Trace brings some of the basketball team members over to play a game. Lawson joins in.
  • “Listen, me and Lawson get along in every aspect, except sports,” says Trace. “The problem is, he wants to be the star, and I just want the ball any time.”
  • “I think going to Crown has really helped me get out of my box a lot,” says Trace. “Man, over there now, I ain’t that shy no more.” “We can’t get him to shut up,” says Nathan, smiling.


  1. My dad is just like Gil-keeps everything "just in case" ;)

  2. i know kelly was happy to have the shed done! i wish i could get my garage done like that, lol.

  3. Thanks for the blog! This was a fun episode.

  4. Kelly Jo "cracked me up" when she was warning Trace, "...don't break that basketball leg, etc....". A little bit of that mom warning reminding you of something you care about... that's me (I have to admit). Lol. I hope Trace makes the team. Please let us know.


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