Thursday, June 15, 2017

'Bobby's Movin' In' Recap

Bringing Up Bates "Bobby's Movin' In"

  • Tori and Josie return from spending their spring break in Florida with Bobby, and Bobby comes back with them to start looking for a job in Tennessee. Gil and Kelly are eager to help, but they might have ulterior motives.
  • “My parents…if they sense the tiniest opportunity that they can keep their daughter here and add you, they go in full-on salesman mode, and they can make this area sound a lot like heaven, maybe even a little bit better,” says Zach.
  • Later, Kelly and Katie take Judson and Jeb to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class so they can learn how to rough-house safely.
  • “Me and Jeb were a little nervous about fighting,” says Judson. “I wasn’t,” retorts Jeb. “You don’t know what nervous means,” Judson responds. 
  • Meanwhile, Gil takes Bobby to the new church building, which is still under construction. “Planting a church a few years ago was an endeavor we never anticipated,” says Gil. He offers Bobby, who will graduate in two months with a ministry degree, a position helping at the church.
  • Gil also sits Bobby down and asks what his plans are for his relationship with Tori. They both agree that an engagement conversation will happen soon. “I just cleaned my shotgun real nice,” Gil jokes.
  • That evening, Gil and Kelly take Tori and Bobby out on a double date. “I can picture them being a happily married couple one day,” says Kelly. “It’s hard for Daddy to picture only because he doesn’t want to do the parting thing.”
  • “His dad jokes make him unintimidating because he’s just…corny,” Tori says of her father. 
  • Bobby shares that some folks at the fire department have offered up their camper as an apartment for him. Kelly jumps on that opportunity and lines up a meeting.
  • The camper is beautiful, and everyone, especially Tori, is thrilled that it’s looking like Bobby is going to be moving to Tennessee.    


  1. Cute couple...Bobby seems like a very go along guy.easy going. He reminds me a lot of john Alyssa husband like he could be related.

  2. In the live show recap, Nathan talks about how we got to meet one of his close friends who is a girl?

    Did I take a toilet break and miss this?
    The way Gil was eyeing Nathan as he was talking makes me think it might be a special friend???

    1. Hi there,

      He was referring to the sweet, middle-aged woman from the fire department who offered her trailer to Bobby as an apartment.

      Lily and Ellie


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