Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bates Learn the Basics

It's a week of learning for the Bates clan. Judson Bates and Jeb Bates have had their fun, and now its the girls' turn to practice self-defense moves with the jiu-jitsu instructor. Later, Gil Bates decides that his younger drives need to know basic vehicle mechanics, since the Bates own a lot of "mature cars," as Nathan puts it. And during a double date, Erin Paine and Zach Bates impress their love of meal preparation on Whitney Bates and Chad Paine during a cooking class. Check out the promo videos below.

Photo/videos courtesy of UP


  1. This family is so fun! I really appreciate them following the ways of the Lord.

  2. I love how they say "ooooool". I remember Erin pronouncing it like that during her hair tutorial, putting oil, ooooool, in her hair. Love the accents in the south!!!!!

  3. That is DARLING when Katie said "We don't have a hood in this car" LOL! Also funny to hear how the Bates say "Ooooh-l, and Tar" for Oil and Tire! hehe


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