Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recap: Sunshine State Bates

Bringing Up Bates "Sunshine State Bates"
  • Kelly and Erin stop by Zach and Whitney’s house to see their latest renovations. Whitney explains that the next project is to turn the nursery into a bedroom that can accommodate both Bradley and Kaci. Kelly and Erin share their ideas.
  • Down in Florida, Alyssa and John give viewers an update on their lives. They start by sharing that they are not pregnant. “Since Whitney announced that she was having Kaci, everybody has been asking me, ‘Are you pregnant yet? When are you going to be pregnant? When are you going to tell us?’” says Alyssa.
  • The mom of one says she is content with where she is at now. “No rush, no rush, at all no rush,” she states, laughing.
  • According to Alyssa, she and John are spoiled to have such an easy baby. Allie began sleeping through the night at one week old, and on the rare occasion that she wakes up, she always takes a bottle and goes right back to sleep. 
  • How many kids do the Bates think John and Alyssa will have?
    • Chad: 6-8
    • Jackson: 2-4
    • Callie: 3-4
    • Isaiah and Addallee: 10
    • Gil and Kelly: 8-11
  • John works 8-5, Monday thru Friday, in his family’s heating and air conditioning company. To supplement their income, John and Alyssa have a cleaning business that the operate in the evenings. They currently clean an ice cream shop and a dance studio, while Allie watches from her playpen. Coming from a large family, Alyssa says she is used to spending a lot of time cleaning.
  • Every week, John, Alyssa, and Allie spend an evening with John’s family. The men play softball or basketball in an organize league while the ladies chat and cheer them on. John’s siblings present at this week’s softball game are Jordan, Brent, David, and Tori. His parents, Congressman Daniel Webster and Sandy, also attend. Olivia is Jordan’s wife, and Regina is Brent’s wife.
  • “Our family is always getting together around music or food mostly,” says Lawson. “And the Webster family, I think sports really brings them together.”
  • The Bates also enjoy sports, but the kids say there is a big difference. “The Websters play organized sports,” states Zach. “In our family, we don’t do anything organized.” 
  • “We play chaos sports,” adds Kelly. Gil shares an example: tackle basketball.
  • Back in Tennessee, Lawson heads over to the children’s hospital to surprise his friend AJ at his end-of-treatment party. AJ is a young cancer patient who has been through 41 chemo treatments and is not yet in remission.
  • Lawson brings his guitar and sings “Amazing Grace” with AJ, who is always thrilled to spend time with his buddy Lawson.
  • Later, Gil and the boys finally finish the tree house fort. Gabe, a family-friend who builds buildings for a living, lends a hand. The girls put on old clothes and paint the metal roof pieces, while the guys give them a hard time for allowing the wind to blow leaves onto the paint. Carlin's response? "Well hello obvious!" The gals say they can see the leaves sticking to the paint but that they can't help it because they can't control the wind.
  • Kelly jokes that the boys are so proud of their work that they might decide to move into the finished fort. “After seeing their room, we might let them,” says Gil, chuckling.


  1. I missed last weeks episode and caught the re-run tonight. Ashley and Nathan looked so uncomfortable throughout the whole episode. Nathan couldn't even look at Ashley during the song he sang with the others. It was written all over his face...feel bad for them both. Break ups are never easy...hope they both find the one meant for them.

    1. That was last weeks "I love you day"'s episode. In the preview for next week it looks like they decided to end the courtship. I really like them both individually but together they are very different. I think it's a case of opposites attracting but not having any way to realistically meet in the middle. She doesn't feel like a small town kind of girl and he's not a city boy.

    2. They broke up? I dont have tv so wasnt able to watch... Rely on the updates from lilie and ellie

    3. As long as they're seeking the Lord, God will make it a beautiful story. They look very sweet together and I'm so happy for the clan!!

    4. Yeah, I'm sorry for them, but they look so uncomfortable together. Even in the NYC episode you could see it: the Bates kept complaining about the city (Kelly Jo asking if Chinatown is outside or inside?), Nathan himself kept complaining and didn't even realize that not every place in the world is about cowboys and boots... I would see more someone with Lawson's personality with a girl like Ashley: Lawson seems more modern and able to adapt.
      Instead, Nathan kept dismissing the city and you coudld see that Ashley wasn't happy, especially when he asked her if she could give up the city.

  2. Wow, John's dad is a congressman? So cool! I never knew that. I looked up the congressmen of Florida and sure enough his name was right up there with the rest!

  3. I'm impressed with John and Alyssa. I'm happy Alyssa is part of an organized family as she appears to be at peace when things are organized versus in chaos. John and Alyssa ( and extended family) are workers. There is no reason the Bates start projects but never finish them without outside help from friends...I think Callie said it correctly..." Because..well...we don't like to work".

  4. I know people have commented Carlin is outspoken, but she was correct tonight!! Let the "boys" paint when the wind is blowing and see how they keep leaves from sticking on the paint. Seriously this culture treats girls and women as if they are dim-witted...not smart enough to even paint without being corrected.

    1. Being outspoken is a good thing.

  5. Good for John and Alyssa. No rush for more children is right. They are content with Allie Jane and have not fallen into the strange competition to have as many children as possible which no Mother can truly care for on her own. Perhaps John and Alyssa actually want to parent and not just reproduce. They work for what they have. They are being responsible in spacing their children. They are organized in their daily their maturity.

  6. This was one of my favorite episodes. Tori and Bobby so adorable. Btw bobby can sing. Nathan!! I was so sad watching the episode. I know it has to be difficult to admit that things aren't working, but I hope you and Ashley realize that facing these problems now before a marriage instead of ignoring those issues hoping they will go away once youre married is great. So many people ignore those little annoyances until one day when your having a bad day and blow up on their partner for something that's been there all along. If you all work this out make your courtship a long one. But if you're having those doubts about getting married I would say to walk away. I think most people in successful marriages had no doubts about the person they are marrying. That's not to mean we don't worry about finances, where to live, or sharing our space. Those are normal concerns. If something in your gut says to walk away. Listen to it now.

  7. Hi Lily and Ellie! Thank you for the hard work you put into the blog. Where I live I am unable to watch their tv series so I definately check your blog very often for updates. I do have a question though since I have been seeing this said several places and I was wondering if you could clear that up for me. Is it true that Ashely and Nathan are breaking up? I´ve seen different comments about it and was kind of confused. Again Thank you.
    -Sarah H.

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Nathan will share an update during Thursday's episode. We just posted the promo video. :)

      We are blessed to have you as a reader.
      Lily and Ellie

  8. Hello Lily and Ellie,

    Thank you for all the work you two do keeping these blogs up and running. I was wondering if you knew the answer to this or could ask Erin and let me know. I love her CD's, and would love sheet music for her songs. Is that something she has ever thought about doing or is planning on doing?



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