Saturday, June 4, 2016

Bates Daily Routine, Circa 2011

It's time for a blast from the past. A loyal reader asked us to dig up this throwback video, which features clips from ABC News anchor and correspondent Ryan Owens' visit to the Bates home in January 2011.

Gil and Kelly Bates had only 18 children at that time, and all the kids still lived at home (video below).

Video courtesy of ABC News


  1. Man, Tori looks a lot like her Mom!

  2. Enjoy looking back at this family and comparing the kids to themselves. Carlin look somewhat the same but, really doesn't have that larger than life personality she has now. Same for Aylssa. They all seem less outgoing then than they are today.

  3. Uh uh, the girls in their awkward stage looked so cute!
    I much prefer their modern nowadays style, though!

  4. Love this family. Never realized how much Tori looks like Kelly.

  5. Wow! The kids have all grown and changed so much. Alyssa, especially, completely changed her look.


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