Thursday, June 2, 2016

Recap: "Big Family, Big Changes"

Bringing Up Bates Season 4 Premiere, "Big Family, Big Changes"

  • “It makes you real nervous, with everybody growing and moving and shaking,” says Gil,  as he and Kelly discuss the changes that are happening in the Bates family.
  • Gil is preparing for surgery to correct his diverticulitis, a problem with the intestines that causes pockets to form.
  • Before his surgery, Gil helps the boys fix up the swing set fort, but the father of 19 ends up at an urgent care facility when he slides down a 2 by 4 and gets a huge splinter lodged in his arm. 
  • "I knew he was in a lot of pain because Gil doesn't deal with pain really well. He gets a little moody when he's in pain,” says Kelly Bates. 
  • "I’m allergic to two things,” jokes Gil. “Paying and pain, and I’m afraid that that day, I got to do both.” 
  • Lawson heads to Nashville, Tennessee, to work with producer/writer Matt Rovey and singer/songwriter Jason Wyatt. He is planning a small tour for this fall, during which he will perform in a number of cities, predominately in the Southeast. 
  • The Bates kids, who think of their dad as “invincible,” are sad to see him have to endure major surgery. “He’s always been the biggest kid in the family,” says Zach. 
  • While Gil is recovering, Nathan, Gil's right-hand man, along with Lawson and Trace, head out to do a tree job for Bates Tree Service.
  • Gil says he could climb trees until at least age 65, but Kelly doesn’t agree. “He’s in denial,” she says, laughing. 
  • While Gil and Kelly are away at the hospital, Carlin, Tori, and Josie help the little kids make cards for Dad. 
  • Whitney shares an update on her pregnancy, which she says has been "awesome." “I’ve actually been able to go several days without getting sick and not having to take any medicine,” says the expectant mother. “I’m still pretty tired, but other than that, it’s really been good.” 
  • Zach and Whitney stop by the house to announce the name they have chosen for their baby girl: Kaci Lynn Bates. Her first name is in honor of Kelly, as it starts with a “K” and sounds similar. Whitney’s mom’s name is Lynn. 
  • Later, the kids FaceTime with Gil, who is on strong medications while recovering at the hospital. “He sounded like a very sick frog,” says Ellie. 
  • Although he is still in great pain, Gil says that coming home to his family jump-started his recovery. 
  • A short while later, East Tennessee receives a big dump of snow, and the kids head outside to go sledding. Gil, who is still on the road to recovery, has to sit this one out.
  • For those who are wondering, the song playing in the background towards the end of the episode is "Give Me Some Love," written by Jesse Epstein and David Choi. 


    1. Why haven't they shown Erin & Chad's announcement of Baby Brooklyn yet? She's only a couple of months behind Zach & Whitney's baby. I hope UP airs things a little closer to real time than they did last season. I like the Bates family and pray God's best for all of them!

      1. They announced it on the valentine's day celebration so look for it then.

    2. Most of the episode was about Gil's surgery. Seems too much time spent on that. Need to keep the show more interesting.

    3. Wish I had known about Gil's upcoming surgery, I would have been joining everyone else in prayimg for him. Glad it all turned out well though.

    4. Your recap mentions that Whitney's Mom's name is Lynn. I thought her mom's name was Lydia (Lydia and John Owens). Is Lynn Lydia's middle name then?

      1. Whitney's maiden name is Perkins I thought?

    5. This was a somber episode for sure.
      I read somewhere that their was a death in the family too and that probably was the reason for so many family members wearing black in this weeks show. But that is life.
      Hopefully, Gil has mended nicely by now.

    6. I love this show, but one thing was missing. They show prayer before meals on the program, why not prayer before surgery? I know they surely must have prayed as a family, it just saddenes me that this one very important aspect of their lives was left out....If I am mistaken and they did show prayer, just delete this post please.

      1. UPTV decides that and not them. They probably did pray before his surgery, but can't fit everything into just an hour episode and most episodes are half an hour. UP does a better job than most channels at including prayer unlike TLC.

      2. So true and also regarding the comparison between Up and TLC!
        Its my go to channel most evenings, but I think they could work on tweaking their choice of commercials a bit and maybe even a few of the made for tv movies they show.
        But over all i am so thankful for Uptv and Bringing Up Bates. Its my favorite show on tv!

    7. that splinter! ewwwwww!!!!!! how in the world did it get through his Tuttle neck and his plaid shirt ? ugh! that was the nastiest thing I've seen in awhile !! I'm dying to see michael and Brandon and alyssa and john do some interviews!! I love how Brandon throws so much shade whenever he is around the bates !! it's so subtle and obvious at the same time plus I think michael secretly enjoys it ! perfect couple !


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