Thursday, June 9, 2016

Recap: "Bates Boys Birthday Bash"

Bringing Up Bates "Bates Boys Birthday Bash"...
  • Jeb and Trace have a special bond. They were born on the same day 15 years apart. “Jeb was
    born on my birthday," says Trace. "I prayed for it, and he came a little bit early, and that
    was awesome."
  • Trace plans a birthday party for himself with the older boys. Jeb assumes that the party is for
    the both of them and starts planning the event. Trace is totally okay with that. “Jeb thinks it’s his party," Trace says. "So it’s going to be his party and mine now. It’s going to be really special and fun for him.”
  • On the day of the party, all the guys go go-kart racing. No girls allowed, per Jeb’s rules. Jeb rides with Gil, but the ride is a little too fast for him, and he states that he is "never going again." But it doesn’t take long, and Jeb is cruising again with his best buddy Trace.
  • The party continues at Zach’s house. Warden makes a delicious pink cake with white icing (also Jeb’s request). Warden is learning the art of cooking from Erin.
  • Erin and Chad attend an all-girls Valentine’s banquet to help an American Heritage girl scout named Micah earn her Stars and Stripes award. Micah begins the banquet by saying, “No girl should be depressed on Valentine's Day. I think we all should be just celebrating God’s love for us and really enjoying fun together. We do not need a guy to be happy, especially when we have a God that loves us more than any human is possibly capable of."
  • Erin is nervous about speaking: “It’s funny, if I was playing the piano, I would be comfortable
    playing in front of 10,000 people, but when you say I am going to say something, I get scared to death. I really do.
  • Erin speaks to the girls about finding contentment in who you are. Find a cause, encourage
    somebody, and you will be the benefactor. 
  • Chad shares with the girls that he was drawn to Erin because of her heart for people.
  • Erin and Chad say they went to the Valentine's banquet for the purpose of encouraging the young girls, but Erin says that she and Chad "were the ones that really left encouraged that evening."


  1. Who was the other girl on the couch? I don't think she's one of the Bates girls. Jeb is such a little charmer!

    1. Angelina! The other girl on the couch was Addallee,

  2. I watched this episode again and just wish I could give Judson a big hug!


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