Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bates-Keilen Wedding

Your Bates family bloggers are back! Thanks for sticking with us as we took a break for Ellie's wedding, and thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

Hear from Michael Bates and her fiance, Brandon Keilen, in the following Great deBATES clip. The two lovebirds are looking forward to tying the knot on August 15th.


  1. welcome back lily & ellie!! we sure miss your posts but you really needed the time away to concentrate on the wedding. congratulations ellie on your new life with your best friend. what a wonderful new adventure. i wish you much love and happiness

    i saw that michaela is having kelly jo as her matron of honor for her wedding! will you 2 be there, and will you be able to post pictures?

  2. Congrats Michaella & Brandon. Michaella assimilating into Chicago driving & living will be ok. Hang in there.

    1. Though Michael will have some adjustments to Chicago life style, I think she will do well. I just wonder if she will be homesick. Being the oldest daughter, Michael played a role in the younger children' s lives for awhile. I wonder how hard it will be being away from her Mom. They were so close.Just as Erin and Alyssa had to adjust to a quiet home and learned to fill it with their younger family members, Michael will need to do the same. I wonder how she will fill her time. It must be so difficult to relocate. I think it is fun to start out as newlyweds being totally alone relying on yourselves, but isn't it really hard being so far away from family? I think Erin and Zach were wise staying in Tennessee, close to family. It's good for the younger children too. The grandchildren can visit their grandparents often. It makes a stronger bond. I knew both sets of my grandparents well and I knew and played with my cousins. It was nice.


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