Friday, July 10, 2015

Recap: "Brandon Pops the Question"

Bringing Up Bates, "Brandon Pops the Question"
  • Brandon Keilen calls Gil to share his plans for the big proposal. The Bates all love Brandon and say it's about time that he ask Michael to marry him.
  • Brandon wants Michael to have a unique engagement ring, so he brings sketches to Harrington's Fine Jewelry in Chicago to start the design process. 
  • The white gold ring features a big stone that represents God as the center of Brandon and Michael's relationship, surrounded by each of their initials (M and B).
  • Brandon texts Michael to tell her that he is planning a trip to Washington D.C. and will be staying with his sister, Angie. Michael asks her parents if they mind if she goes along. Gil suggests that Michael surprise Brandon in D.C, so Michael makes plans to stay with Angie but does not tell her boyfriend. Little does she know that she is part of a much bigger plan. 
  • Meanwhile, Gil and Kelly are secretly planning to fly to D.C. separately, but they day before they are scheduled to leave, Alyssa goes into labor. Gil and Kelly drop everything and head down to Florida.
  • Alyssa gives birth at a birthing center and is released the same day. Gil and Kelly meet their granddaughter, Allie Jane, the day after she is born. Kelly is shocked at how good Alyssa looks so soon after giving birth. "You couldn't even tell she had had a baby," says Kelly. She looked great."
  • After meeting Allie, Gil and Kelly "zip over" to D.C. for the proposal. 
  • Michael arrives in D.C. and surprises Brandon at Angie's apartment. (Angie sends Brandon on an errand and has Michael greet him at the door when he returns.) 
  • Michael arrives on a Sunday, and she and Brandon spend the day sightseeing with Angie and another of one Brandon's sisters, Becky. "Anxiety was kind of mounting as the day was getting closer," says Brandon, as he makes final plans to execute the proposal the following day.
  • Back home in Tennessee, the kids use the iPhone app Find My Friends to figure out that their parents are no longer in Florida. They put two and two together and realize what is happening, and they are thrilled.
  • The next morning, Brandon and Michael visit the D.C. cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial as the sun rises. Brandon tells Michael that he has to leave for a few hours to do work and hands her the first clue of a scavenger hunt.
  • "Brandon, he gives 'thoughtful' an entirely new definition," says Michael, touched that her boyfriend planned something for her to do in his absence.
  • The scavenger hunt takes Michael and Becky on a trek across the city. Angie and a third Keilen sister, Christy, are helping behind the scenes. At each location, Michael watches a video made by Brandon and cries at his thoughtfulness.
  • The last clue takes Michael to Great Falls Park, Virginia, where Brandon is waiting with flowers and the ring. 
  • "Michael, I want to say three things to you," Brandon tells his girlfriend. "The first thing is: I love you. The second is: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And the third is a question: Will you marry me?"
  • "Yes!" responds Michael. "I've wanted to from the very first day I met you."
  • The couple shares a few hugs before their parents come out of hiding. 
  • Brandon and Michael are planning their wedding for August 15th.


  1. What a great episode, I cried my eyes out!
    Blessings to the happy couple!

  2. Congrats brandon and michaella on your engagement and the blessed event coming on august 15th your beautiful wedding day and god bless you both...

  3. Lily, when will UP TV make it possible for us to watch this on your blog? I (among many others) do not have a TV and would really love to watch these episodes. Also, miss seeing the Duggars on a regular basis. Thanks! Shell

  4. Can't wait for another beautiful Bates wedding ��

  5. I sure do wish Charter carried the UP channel so I could watch the program. Karen H.

  6. This was one of the most beautiful TV programs I think I have ever seen!!! I cried with Michael! The Lord bless them both!

  7. One month until the wedding! Can't wait.

  8. I am so happy for them! It's a shame that more couples getting married don't follow Gods principles for doing so. It can be such a rewarding experience. They will be awesome parents! Brandon is so sensitive and thoughtful.

  9. I love the bates wish I had cable tv the up tv website doesn't let me watch all the episodes
    i am the oldest of 8 kids and i love watching other big familys serve the lord


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